Every Sunday morning when I wake up, I always head to the kitchen because I wake up with the biggest appetite. I love waking up on Sunday mornings because it never fails that when I come down stairs to the kitchen there is either a hot meal or plenty of cereal, pop tarts, yogurts, granola bars, and oat meal waiting for me. Whether it’s a pancakes or cereal, when I go sit down at the table to eat, my mom is always there looking at all the grocery and sales papers. Not only is she just looking, but she also has scissors right next to her just in case she sees any coupons she likes. My mom is all about saving the most money when it comes to going to any type of store, and I’m actually picking up on her ways because on my spare time I do the exact same thing that my mom does.

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Everyone loves buying things, but not everyone has the money all the time to get what they want. I love clothes and shoes, although there aren’t that many shoe coupons, there is a lot of clothes coupons. When I go to the many different department stores and I have coupons, I tend to go a little bit crazy because I’m getting what I want and I’m saving money! I mean who doesn’t like saving some cash? Coupons influence my purchases in one big way; something is either a want or need. When I actually need something such as school supplies, medicine, or a certain something for a particular job, I don’t mind spending the actual money because it’s something I actually need to better my future. On the other hand, when it comes to the things I want, I try to save as much money as possible. This is where the coupons come into play, one of my favorite stores is Kohls and Kohls always gives out coupons. When I walk into that store with coupons in my pocket, I feel a lot better knowing that I’m going to be getting what I want at a much lower price. Coupons influence me on becoming more of patient person. When I go to a store and see a shirt or a pair of pants that I like, I immediately grab it, but then when I look at the price I ask myself “Can I wait?” and yes I could wait. I could wait until the Sunday paper comes along and see if there’s a coupon for that store, and if there is then I get really happy because I made a smart decision on being patient. Being patient helps on day to day bases because not everything goes your way, you have to wait in order for things to go your way.

Coupons influence me by trying new things. When I get a coupon in the mail for a product that I never tried and it’s for free, I’ll try it. I love trying new things and coupons only make me want to try more things. Most of the time I end liking the product and buying mire of that product. Those types of coupons are like my favorite type because it’s literally free stuff. Coupons also influence me by sharing. Most of the times I tell my family and friends about the product and let them know to be on the look for that coupon so that they could experience the same greatness I did.

Coupons are such a great a thing. It’s basically free money in a way. I don’t know why people wouldn’t want to use coupons. I hate when people say it’s embarrassing to use coupons because in reality, the person using the coupon(s) is the actually the smarter person because they are the ones that are getting a lot more bang for their buck with their purchase.