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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Francina A.

Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions…why, or why not?

I can honestly say that coupons influence my purchasing decisions. I get laughed at a lot for my “cheap” ways but I know I’m doing myself a favor. I don’t really consider myself a cheap person but rather, define myself as frugal. There is no way that I’d pass the chance of saving a few bucks on an item. With me being a college student, I’m definitely one who needs to save as much as I possibly can and take advantage of any resources that gives me the opportunity to keep extra money in my pockets. To me, it does not matter about the amount that I’ll save by using the coupon. It can be a rather small or amount of money I save or it can be a rather large amount. I think it’s very important to save as much as you can possibly save and if that means coupons will have an influence on my purchasing, then that’s what it is. Every penny counts when you’re saving and I’ve witnessed this for myself. Certain stores like CVS, Walmart, Rite-Aid, etc., have automatic discounts for members of their store and that’s like their version of coupons. For instance, a box of cereal may originally be $4.99 but, as a member of the store, when you get to the register and give the cashier notice that you’re a member, your paperless coupon deals are applied to that box of cereal. Being as though I am a member of stores like these, I do take into consideration what deals they are offering on certain items and I take that and run with it. The cool thing about having coupons is that feeling when you’ve completed your transaction at the register and you calculate your savings. There is no better feeling for frugal people like myself.

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I’ll admit, sometimes l will buy something I may not necessarily need, but because I have a coupon for it, I’ll get it just to make myself feel as though I did some good bargaining. One of the reasons I’ll do that is because I know I can most likely find someone to bless with the purchase that I made using the coupon. There has been times when upon me having coupons in my possession I wouldn’t have myself in mind but rather, I know that depending on what I had a coupon for would influence what or who I was buying for. To be honest, I don’t necessarily go out my way to use the coupon that I’d have, but if I’m already out and about I’ll definitely have it in mind to pull it out.  It doesn’t hurt me at all knowing that the blessing I’ve passed on to someone cost me little to nothing.

Another way that coupons having an influence on my purchasing has a lot to do with the type of person I can be. I can turn into a huge over thinker to the point where I find me basically persuading myself that the decision I’m making can or may come in handy. I’m such a “what if” type of person. For instance, if I have a coupon for a power ranch, the process my mind goes through may be something like this: “ Oh look, a power ranch! Well, I don’t really know how to use a power ranch, but this coupon will give me 75% off. The chances of me using this power ranch are slim to none.  But, what if I’m having work done and the worker doesn’t have one in their kit. I’ll save them time. Well then again, I don’t own a home or an apartment to have work done on it, but I know a few people who do. So yea, I’ll definitely get this, just in case.” That is honestly how I literally think. I think the couponing that influences my purchasing also has something to do with me just being a girl. I feel as though it’s scientifically proven that women just love great deals! I think coupons should have a little influence of everyone’s purchasing every once in a while.

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