There is not a certain answer to this question. However, for the most part, I’d say coupons do not influence my decision to purchase.

There are many factors in the event of using coupons. It depends on whether the manufacturer is a trustworthy brand, producing quality products. Accessibility, also can be understood as the geographic distance or convenience of online shopping, is a primary factor of my desire to use a coupon. Furthermore, as a consumer, I have strong health awareness. If the coupons are from a fast food restaurant, I quickly dispose them in the garbage without a second look. Even though the coupons could save me money, they do not provide health benefits. If an item is useful, beneficial, and desirable, I’d most likely to purchase it with or without a coupon. Nonetheless, I break my own rules if a discount is a one-time offer. The logic is there is not too much to lose for trying it once.

In conclusion, coupons generally do not play a vital role in my purchase decision unless a product is healthy, reputable, and suitable for my lifestyle, and the coupons are convenient to use.

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