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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Federico V.

Do Coupons influence your purchasing decisions…Why, or why not?

It is safe to assume that we all like to save money whenever the opportunity presents itself, particularly in a constant changing economy like ours here, in America. For many of us the percentage of savings does not really matter as long you are been guaranteed the better deal.  A great example of this type of phenomena is the usage coupons, which illustrate the significance it has on customers purchasing decisions.  In my particular experience I can say that coupons facilitate my purchasing decisions in a positive matter. As costumers we always tend to look for the best of the deals and a great source for locating these types of deals are coupons.  They have facilitated purchasing in multiple levels and have created a better way for buyers to go on with their purchasing decisions.

A simple illustration is the saving a few dollars with a newspaper coupon while grocery shopping. A simple cut-out coupon like this affects buyer’s decisions simply because it gives the illusion of a good discount. Many would argue otherwise and oppose a coupons true value. There is some truth to this fact because the small discounts given with many of these capons are significantly low to be presented on a purchase of an item. However don’t forget that no matter how low the discount is, what matter is the impact it gives to buyers on a psychological level.  As humans our brains think in a matter that benefits our satisfaction levels, we all want what’s best for us or what we think is best for us and a coupon satisfies this thought process.

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Coupons have been available for centuries and even over time as our technology changes buyers find new ways to apply discounts on their purchases.   Take into consideration a purchase made online, while checking out for your purchase many times you are asked to provide a coupon code for a total price reduction. This type of implementation happens thanks to the demand and expectations  we as buyers have.  Companies around the world are aware of the impact a simple coupon has. To demonstrate this just think about every time you get mail or when you go online and a bunch of advertisement jumps your way.  These are some of the more common forms of advertising and distributing coupons to consumers.

A good way to analyze the power of a coupon is to think about a buyers purchasing decision.  As consumers we take decisions that satisfy our needs and wants. We all want the best quality items or the best service provided whenever we make a purchase. We decide how to approach a purchase by analyzing the benefits it will have if you go ahead and make the purchase. Many times we think of the level of satisfaction we will get and compare it to the price marketed on that item or service.  In other situations we look at the quality of an item or the service provided and compare it to the price been marketed. No matter what approach you take its clear that our decisions as purchasers will always be taken based on some sort of money value.   This comes to illustrate that a coupon is a great source for further satisfying our level of pleasure. They create higher gratification which inclines us into going further with our purchase without thinking about it twice.

To settle on the argument it’s a good idea to think back to the most influential reasoning’s.  A consumer purchasing decision can be taken in multiple approaches, but in this particular case we are interested in the purchasing decision a coupon has on a consumer.  It was explained that the true significance of a coupon is hidden in a way not visible to many.  There is a the message not easy to see that empowers many consumers into making the decision of purchasing a certain item or service simply because it is appealing to the eye.  There can be a disagreement with the reasoning behind this message, but the reality states that as humans we will always approach a situation that fully satisfies us and that will benefit us over any other outcomes.

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