Do coupons influence my purchasing decisions? I believe coupons do influence my shopping whether it’s for clothes or household items. I usually find coupons for household items like shampoo, school essentials, and whatever is needed from my household members. For me it is normal for my family to use coupons, rather than paying full price at a grocery store or department store. I don’t expect to save a $100 every time I use coupons but it will grow over time. Coupons give me the urge to save more whenever I go to stores, even if it is little things like cleaning products.

Even $7 can make a difference for low-income families, it can mean saving extra money for food on the table and putting clothes on our back. We shouldn’t be ashamed for using coupons because that’s like asking for help, and asking for a little help isn’t a bad thing. It’s just the way I was raised, couponing for items I need that can help my family. Every time I use coupons it feels better that I save that extra dollar that can be used for gas or going out. I feel the need to cut out coupons that I need later on.  It’s good that most of us take the time conserve money not by cutting back but by taking the time to cut out coupons that are essential.

Every time I use a coupon I don’t always use them at grocery stores, I sometimes use them at my favorite stores or little food places. I look at coupons for places I usually go to, or else if I cut out one to a restaurant or store that I don’t go to then it might never be used. If I feel unknown stores or restaurants have good deals then I might use, so it won’t go to waste. I don’t necessarily have to buy a certain item because I have a coupon for it, I get a coupon for an item if it’s needed or I want it. If I do have a coupon for a certain item that I do want then I feel the need to get that item before I can no longer can. Coupons are the reason for a person to get a good deal on a delicious treat and shop.

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Coupons are one of the many ways to shop, and now coupons can be digital and printable. People that are into extreme couponing can get great deals from apps that provide deals from stores, most apps specify what store or stores which help the shopper. People can now get deals and discounts from anywhere, a lot can easily be found on phones or some sort of technology. Moms now can really save on groceries and finding clothes for their kids with electronics, it’s a better way for them to save. Stores can easily scan deals right from the customer’s smart phone. Our generation can use our electronic devices to talk to our family or friends without calling, and give us directions without having to pull out a paper map, so we can now get great deals to stores of our choice.

Most of society’s salary isn’t doable to keep up with paying the mortgage, bills, insurance, and credit card bills. Couponing can really mean save a couple bucks for all the expenses of having our own home, car, and our family. Now our receipts don’t have to be depressing every time we look on how much we use at stores that shouldn’t be so pricy, like Target where we find ourselves spending sixty bucks on a few items. Women can now manage paying bills, buying food and clothes for the family. Is saving money with coupons possible? There are multiple stories of typical moms that save hundreds, sometimes even more, by simply using coupons on groceries leading to having hundreds, even more, over months passing by.