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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Erin T.

Knowing how important saving money is I do believe that coupons influence your purchasing decision. Why, well for many reason here are three. My first reason is lowering down the cost of your final purchase. The next reason is it helps you save money. My final reason would be to get the best sale deals. As they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well coupons are every girl’s best friend.

As my first reason states that it helps lower your final purchase, this statement is pretty true. Working in retail and being a shopper I completely understand the seriousness of having coupons to shop with. As I walk around my store all I here is “Do you have any coupons out today” or the famous speech of all what are your best deals that you have today. With that being said I do understand the seriousness of shopping with a coupon. As a retail worker I also want to make sure that my customers are happy with what they are getting ready to purchase and to know that I can help them save money is the best part of what I do. Now as a shoppers experience I was taught to cut out the coupons of the materials that you are going to need and then shop with them. For an example, my parents purchase a newspaper ever Sunday to see what new coupons are advertising in the paper. Then they cut them out and go grocery shopping with them, when they get to the register their final purchase amount is not as high as you would think that it is.

Every shopper has a budget that they like to stick with whether it is grocery shopping, clothes shopping etc. this brings me to my next reason. If you go in with a set budget to spend it would not be as hard to save money. I look at it as if I go in on a budget and then I get to use my coupons I am saving more money then I actually think I am saving. When you shop on a budget you find that you are able to do more things with your expenses then you think because you did not underspend or overspend your limit. That is why I enjoy shopping with coupons. The more coupons the more money you will save. When trying to save money I also learned that you don’t necessarily have to always by name brand things, you can have store brand and save money and still go out and look nice.

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Understanding how to save money is a very important process to know and to understand the reason I am saying this leads into my third and final reason. Even though coupons help you save money they also help you get the best sales that the store can offer. I love watching my customers try to use the best of their money especially now since our store is doing our big semiannual sale. When you have boxes that say seventy percent off and fifty percent off then you can use your ten off forty dollars coupon. My customers always says that is a good darn deal. So when it comes to coupons there is no shame in their game neither is mine because I would love to get more for my money and know that I am saving money at the same time.

In conclusion I know that there is nothing wrong with learning or teaching people how to save money. With coupons you can go and shop for yourself and others and know that you will come out with saving money. As I continue to brag that coupons are awesome I hope you now will save as many coupons that you get weather they are for food, clothes or even for fragrances. Please don’t be afraid to save money, it will help you in the long run.

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