As a 27 year old graduate student working a full time schedule without pay, I find “couponing” a necessity.  The demands of day-to-day life and limited resources, however, make couponing an activity I rarely find myself engaging in.  More often than not I find it more financially sustainable to forgo buying products all together than buy them at a reduced rate.  I submit more to a sharing rather than spending economy. makes couponing as easy as it can be, given the limitations of online advertising.  The platform for couponing on is clear.  A subscriber is led directly to their product of choice with ease.  The problem in making couponing with a regular habit is not a problem related to, per se, but a problem created by consumer culture in general.  As a person who identifies as working class, I am keenly aware of financial stress.  Couponing seems like one reasonable way to relieve that stress, however, couponing still demands buying products.  At this stage of financial insecurity in my life, I would rather work to reduce my need for things all together than spend time and money buying things at a reduced rate.  For example, I took a box full of soap from my friend’s family business and will not need to spend money on soap for years.  Additionally, I eat leftover lunch provided for clients by my work cafeteria rather than spend money on packing a lunch.

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In conclusion, is an exceptional platform to make coupons available to coupon users.  As a working class grad student, I most likely fit the description of a person likely to benefit from  However, due to the high demands I face on a daily basis to reduce my financial needs, I find it more practical to eliminate product purchases all together rather than find a way to buy them at a reduced rate.  I find that consumer culture doesn’t work for many of my peers.  Rather than spend money buying more for ourselves, we often work to provide for each other, in more of a sharing rather than spending economy.