I am 18 years old and will attend CWU in Washington State this fall.  I have, until time coming soon, been supported by my mom.  Soon, I will be in a dorm room and will need to budget. I do not know how to budget yet. Coupons have not been a primary goal so far, but have been used when I buy dog food for my German Shep. Dog.  I do not work yet, but will this fall. Once I need to buy on my own, I will consider Coupons. Coupons would then affect my purchase because I would buy items on the coupon instead of my “go to” product. I will need to have family members send me their coupons in the mail to have a stocked supply. I will then buy shampoo, conditioner and beauty products on coupons. I plan to work at a grocery store so I can shop better. Maybe I can get an employee discount as well, then buy products with my coupons at a discounted price with my employer. I will then need to watch prices and buy items with in-store coupons. As far as national brands, I will need to watch the Sunday paper. I might have to buy brands I have never tried before. Yes, coupons would then, most definitely affect my purchase. This is because I would buy products never chosen before

A note from the Scholarship Committee at I’m In: Erica has only used coupons when she’s bought dog food.  If you’re shopping for your pets, check out our coupons for brands like petco, PetSmart, Pet360, and more!