The question raised is whether coupons influence my purchasing decisions. It would depend on what items are on sale or what the coupons are for before I can say it affects me.

I worked several jobs where coupons were a part of the consumer experience. My first job was in an A&P Super Foodmart which is a grocery store. It was not a big bulk store that had items in a reasonable quantity size. Sometimes in the flyers it would say ½ off the bread or other items in the store. It seemed like those items would be purchased since they are usually sold at a higher price and it seemed like a deal for those food products. Other times there would be coupons for items that didn’t sell well before the coupons and still didn’t sell with the coupons. It all depends on the item that the coupon is being made for.

I’m currently working at a BJ’s Wholesale Club where they sell items in bulk quantity. They always have coupons for items and sometimes they make sense for non perishable items like batteries or clothes. Other times, they do not make sense at all for food items unless the customer has a large family or appetite because the food will expire. If items were couponed at more reasonable quantity sizes here, the couponed items would make sense to purchase. It makes sense to buy items with coupons when you need the item and not just to have it.

This works in addition to items at stores I’ve never worked at. I don’t feel a need to buy a laptop at 20% off when I already have a working laptop at home. People use coupons to feel they get deals on items which make sense in their minds. People should remember to use coupons only for these reasons when the item is something use daily or weekly in their lives. It can’t be a deal for a toaster oven when they never used a toaster nor will in the future after one use.

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Coupons are great to get more sales out of particular items. Sometimes they are for a product that is used or consumed fairly regularly. Other times they are for products that aren’t selling well and will hopefully be bought because of the coupons distributed for that store.