Walking down the aisle and the grocery store pushing those in various conditions of performance shopping carts I often take a blank state. Before I head into the store in my head I tell myself what I’m coming for. It might be pork chops because I eat those near daily. It might be sandwich meat because I own all the components to make a sandwich except the part that actually makes the sandwich anything more than a strange experiment in cuisine I’d rather not partake in. I could just need more toilet paper. Regardless of why I’m there though I go blank. There’s so much stuff around you that you feel as though the United Nations has dropped off a food shipment for some third world nation and I’m just walking through it all looking to see what’s good. I’m a college student and I live on my own. Financially I’m in a good place but I always try to be mindful of how I spend money as if out of some fear that tomorrow I’m going to wake up and those thousands of dollars in my bank account with turn to dust and I’ll be forced to procure sustenance off of hunting mice or eating questionable berries. That’s where coupons all come in. I’ll be pushing that cart and all of a sudden I see those yellow pieces of paper all kept together just waiting to be torn off and used. It could be for anything really. Chicken, chips, you name it and I’ll look. Even if I’d never want to buy it I want to read what its offering as though I’m updating myself on the stock market ups and downs of the grocery store. They do get me though. They get me a lot and I enjoy it when they do. I like getting up to the cash register and putting everything out there for the cashier and then as if to say “hey look what I found” give them a coupon or two and see that price drop by a few dollars. This is only to say of my relationship with coupons to grocery stores though. When it comes to other forms of coupons I’d say I am unreasonably reluctant to give them any consideration. You get in the mail along with all the other junk these people send you that you don’t ask for and they may be saying you can get a 50 inch TV for 95% off but I wouldn’t even to the point of reading that because I’m repulsed by the method which I’m being given these coupons and the difference in responsibility now to be undertaken on my part. Now I got to cut it out and it’s like “I don’t even know where those things could possibly be”. Now I got to somehow keep these little slips of usually glossy paper so easily ripped safe and secure. Now I got to drive to whatever store this is. I’m an American, I’m lazy. I enjoy my convenience. There’s a reason places like Walmart dominate the landscape while mom and pop on main street are closing down after 35 years of business and that’s because time is so precious in such a fast moving world and that is why I think coupons in the mail don’t work. Lastly to speak of coupon books. I’ve received a few in my life. The concept of it sounds so great. In my head at the time when I get them I think “man, I just made a sound financial decision” but in the end I never use them. Not a single time have I cut out a coupon from a coupon book and used it. I usually lose the thing anyway. I got handed one walking across campus probably a month ago and I have no idea where that thing could be. I also find with coupon books the deals that they offer are often not really good enough to bother with. I don’t want to spend say 30 bucks on something I don’t particularly need just so I can save 5 bucks. I saved 35 bucks in the end but just not doing anything. So that’s what I think of coupons which I must say is an interesting thing to write out all that you think of them when you never really think about them but, it’s somebody’s job isn’t it? I hope whoever reads this finds it insightful of your average college guy. I don’t particularly care about winning any money I just like to write scholarship essays because the prompts can be so weird and really test how well I can write. Crazy I know but, it’s what I enjoy.

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