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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Emily Su.

As most students can say at the age of 18, I am a broke college kid. Before I went to college I truly did not realize the value of a simple coupon at a store. Mostly because I was far too lazy to look for them and quite honestly I usually forgot I even had found them once I actually went to the store. But I can honestly say now, I use coupons almost every single day and almost every single time I buy an item. Living on my own and budgeting my own money has really put any and all savings into perspective for me. A dollar saved here and a dollar saved there is no longer just a couple of dollars to me, I see it now as a full meal for myself, and that is something I never understood before.

Before, I would have never cared about a couple of dollars saved. It seemed so minimal in the grand scheme of things. Why would I go to all of the effort just to save two or three dollars? But this mentality was before I was put in charge of buying my own groceries and clothing. Once I was in charge of my own money and how I spent it, the money seemed to disappear before my very own eyes and those couple of dollars seemed to be my only hope at a fun night out with friends. I came to the realization very quickly into my college days that if I saved just three dollars every single time I went to the store I would save hundreds by the end of the school year. It almost seemed irresponsible not to take advantage of such deals, its like free money I thought to myself. Why not use it? Because of this realization, I now check all of my IPhone coupon apps to see if any of them have any good deals before I go buy my weekly groceries every single time.

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I also base my decisions on what to buy based off the coupons I find. If I can choose one brand with a coupon for a couple dollar savings, over another brand without one I always choose the item with the coupon. I also use coupons to decide where, and if I want to eat out. If I see a good deal on a meal at a restaurant I love to take advantage of those deals. I think of it as a great and responsible way to combine fun with my friends but also saving my money. This is why I would choose something with a coupon over something without one in a heartbeat. And I know its not just me, my friends are also always on the hunt for good deals. We love to tell each other when we find a good one and all go together. I guess its safe to say I am not the only broke college kid around here!

I have come to learn that coupons are more than a money saver; they are a necessity in college. Now I would never dream of buying a whole load of groceries without at least checking to see if there is a coupon out there for the items. It just seems irresponsible not to. Why buy something full price when you can be saving some money? At the end of a big purchase, watching the price drop as the cashier rings up the coupons is a truly uplifting experience. Knowing that, the money being dropped of the total is money you would have spent if you had not found a coupon for it is priceless. I would recommend looking for coupons to any college student out there in need of some extra money. It’s shocking how much you can save with an occasional fifty percent off or even just a five percent off. If I have learned anything from my freshman year of college it is that every single penny counts and not to take any of it for granted.

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