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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Elsy R.

Coupon can be very useful when it comes to saving. Sometimes they are not. Saving ten cents or fifty cents may not be that worth it for me but, to other it is. I was not much of a coupon person, not because I do not like using coupons but, because I never really got into the idea of using coupons: until I started going to college. Money is tight and coupons are fabulous when it comes to saving a couple of cents. Coupons do and do not influence my decision on my purchases.

Coupons greatly influence my decision on my purchase. This mostly occurs with food. Coupons for food come in handy, especially for a college student with not a lot of money in her pockets. This is where I save the most. If I have a coupon for a restaurant where I buy one, get one free or get fries and a drink with a purchase of a hamburger then I would use it. I wouldn’t go to another restaurant and pay full price if I have a coupon. Food isn’t the only thing that influences me to use coupons. I once used coupons for shampoo. I combined it with a sale that the store is having. Even though I did not need all six bottles of shampoo I bought, the coupons helped me save money. I was going to need that extra shampoo in the near future and it also saved me trips to the store to go buy more shampoos. Coupons influence my decision in purchases because sometimes I wait to see if there is a coupon for a product that I want. If I really do not need a product I prefer to wait and see if there is a coupon for a product I really want. Also most department stores offer the spend $25 get $10 off coupon. When I would get this coupon I would get the shirt I really wanted, sometimes it was less than $25 dollar and I would have to combine it with something I really did not need or want. I would use the product I did not want to use the coupon and save money. I really enjoyed using this coupon because I would save a lot of money on clothes that I wanted and would use. But, sometimes coupons do not influence my purchases at all.

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Of course it would be nice to have coupons for almost everything I buy and finding the coupons can be time consuming. If I really need what I am going to buy then I buy it; especially if its books or schools supplies needed for a project. For these I mostly wait until there is a back to school sale. If I need something throughout the school year then I would just buy it with or without a coupon. Coupons also do not influence my purchase if I have a coupon for something I do not need. I usually just use coupons for things I need. If I have a coupon that saves my $10 dollars on a dining table; I probably would not use it because I do not have my own apartment and because I really do not need a dining table. I like using coupons because it saves money, but if there is no coupon for what I need then it does no influence me buying the product because I need it with or without the coupon. Also if I have a coupon for something I do not need I would not use it and not buy the product because it is just not for me. Coupons are useful but, for things ones needs.

Coupons come in handy and can help save a lot of money. Money that can be used to pay a college education. Coupons do have its influence on my purchases even though I may have not noticed the effect they have on me. Coupons can have a huge impact and influence on one’s decision on purchasing an item. Before I never used to care or use coupons and if I did I never paid attention on the way using a coupon can influence me on buying more then what I need. Nonetheless couponing is a great way to save a little bit of cash but, can add up in the end.

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