One activity I always enjoyed when I was younger was cutting coupons. I remember my older brother teaching me how to use a pair of kid’s scissors. We would sit alongside my mom and help her clip the coupons for the week. She would tell us that coupons are money but in a different form. We didn’t quit understand but it was family fun time that was different from what anyone else would consider amusing.  I was influenced at a young age to consider this to be a good thing to do.

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Coupons help us save money on many items we use on a daily basis. They also influence us to try new products or maybe different name brands. If I see a coupon for something similar to what I use I will try that new product because I can buy it cheaper because of the coupon.  I get very happy when I see at the bottom of the receipt how much money I have saved.

Another reason why I always keep my scissors handy is because coupons help us receive free goods. Coupons help you buy one thing cheaper and receive another item for free. Two for One sale are a great way to stretch out items to last longer. Money coupons are probably the best coupons. You can go shopping for anything you want and not have to worry about paying. I once received a coupon for $55.00 dollars. I went Christmas shopping with that coupon. I was able to buy things I would have never bought if I didn’t have this coupon. Boy was I happy!

“Yes, Yes, Yes… coupons have always influenced my decision in purchasing and I will continue cutting coupons for as long as I am saving money and receiving products for free. I will not leave the house without coupons and I have my mom to thank for this. She has everyone in the house using coupons and actually getting happy when we receive the money savings information at the end of the receipt.