There is a new craze in this generation, and this obsession is couponing. Couponing can be a very easy for someone who understands how to use them. Some are smart enough to find a grocery store that doubles coupons, and they get tremendous amounts of products and they end up storing them. For a twenty year old college student, I don’t really need a vast amount of products rotting away in my pantry. It may seem quite simple, clip a coupon, bring it to the store, and save money. The thing about couponing is you have to find coupons and sometimes it is not that easy. There are vast amounts of sites that you can print coupons from, you can also look in paper newspapers, and some even get mailed to you. The complicated part is, some clipped coupons are not everything you enjoy to buy. Once in a blue moon, it will be something you actually buy every now and then. Some coupons are presented with products someone would like to try, and some are for products people dislike. For me, I enjoy using coupons for the items I actually use, for example, brand name products and a certain percentages off, are my go-to coupons. Depending on the coupon, my purchasing decisions are not affiliated with the saving money piece of paper. For me, I do not receive the newspaper, and I do not own a printer, therefore coupons are almost a hassle for me to obtain. Saving a few cents or dollars can really add up for someone, but sometimes it’s the matter of spending the time to save money, or just shop without saving the money. Most of the time, if coupons are easily handed to me and it is something I actually use, and then I will use the clipped coupon. When I receive mailed coupons, I will look through them, but if the item is something I do not normally use or something new I would want to try, I recycle them to someone else. Restaurant coupons are a different situation. When my friend’s son participates in school fundraisers, there is always a coupon book for sale. I always engage in helping and buy a coupon book. The coupon book is filled with discounts for restaurants and fun outings. I am always looking for new restaurants to try, and it helps with a coupon or discount in hand. I am constantly inviting friends and family to restaurants because of the coupons I obtain. Some coupons in the book are also for zoos, fun attractions, and movies. Using these kinds of coupons are more enjoyable than using the ones for the grocery store, because you are saving money for attractions that create fun and memories. These kinds of coupons create a new idea of going out and having loads of fun with friends and family. Buy one get one free coupons are easy to use, especially going to the zoo, movies, and bowling. I would actually go out of my way to use these coupons especially before the expiration date. So long story short, some coupons I would go out of my way for and some I would not. Using grocery coupons are sometimes a pain, but can be worth it for some people. Having grocery coupons would cause others to buy items they normally do not buy and rarely having them for things they use the most. For me, I would much rather collect the coupons that are for enjoyable attractions or restaurants. Attending new places for me are always a fun journey to experience with other people, especially when there is a coupon involved. The most important coupon is the one that saves and gives you more for your money. The critical goal for couponing is getting more value for your dollar. Every dollar one saves feels amazing, as long as they know an easy way to obtain them, and they are okay with purchasing the item for the coupon.

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