I think that coupons do influence our purchasing decisions. If you see a coupon with a really good deal, even if you didn’t plan on buying anything, you’ll be more likely to go out and purchase something to get that good deal. Also, if you’re going out to the store and you have coupons for items you planned to buy you’re going to use that coupon as soon as possible just to get the discount before it expires. However, a lot of people are blinded by the coupon deal so they don’t read the fine print. Some will say ” save $1 when you buy 5″ when in reality, you only needed one of that item, therefore you’re spending more money than you need to. Or, the coupon will have exclusions on it in small print and most of us don’t spend time looking for that. So, although coupons have their purpose , they also influence us to spend more money than we need to.

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