The amount of money that goes into receiving an education at the college level is ridiculous.  Tuition, room and board, and books are the greatest costs. Also there are other fees that are required to partake in classes each semester, such as lab and facility fees. Finally, there are the personal expenses which come in the form of clothes and food as well as any other expenditures. Being a college student, I face the struggle of trying to stretch every penny that I have. Coupons come as a blessing because they help me to find bargains on things that I purchase. Realizing I do not have a lot of funds, I am not a picky buyer, and so if I find a coupon for any brand of a product that I consume, then I will not hesitate to buy the cheaper merchandise. Coupons definitely influence my purchasing decisions. Why would any person want to spend more for something that is no better than a cheaper-but-just-as-great product?

Coupons are a great way to discover new products. A person might find a coupon for a new brand or model of laundry detergent and decide to buy it because it is cheaper than its competitors. That person might discover that this new detergent is better for clothes, and now that brand has a new consumer.  Coupons draw attention to companies’ products that may normally be overlooked if they are not the popular choice.  Normally, people will look for coupons for popular or familiar brands, but in the process they may discover that there is something else that is similar, but costs less. For example, coupons helped me discover a brand of ice cream bars called “Magnum.” I had been curious to try them based on previous interest that I got from a television advertisement. The bars were always little more pricey than I would have liked, so I hesitated to buy them. But then the day I came across a coupon for these particular ice cream bars, I decided to try them now that the price was significantly less. Thanks to the coupon, I was finally able to try the ice cream bars which turned out to be amazing. The coupon helped me to find something new that I really liked and saved me money in the process, which is always the goal when shopping.

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My family is no stranger to the use of coupons. My grandma sits down and cuts out every coupon she can that pertains to her needs as well as the needs of the family as a whole. We will walk into a Kroger store with at least thirty or forty coupons and when it is time to check out, all the coupons that we can use, will be used, and we will end up saving up to fifty dollars at a time. Since my grandma is retired, having coupons when shopping helps her immensely. Her goal is to spend the least amount of money while still getting quality products, and coupons help her do this. Seeing the benefits of coupons from my grandmother is one of the biggest reasons why I use them to help me shop more conscientiously.

Coupons have helped me become a savvier shopper and more aware of pricing, overall. A great example of the price awareness that I have developed over the years is my shopping trip to Best Buy to purchase a new laptop. The laptop that I was using was old and obsolete, so I needed to upgrade for college. I noticed in the newspaper one day that Best Buy was giving a two hundred dollar discount to college students on certain brands of laptops. A particular model that caught my eye cost eight hundred dollars. Having the coupon instantly made this laptop a deal in my eyes. Then I realized that they were advertising the laptop at a lower price because it turned out that the store placed the model on the wrong shelf. When I went to check out, the computer rang up for eight hundred, but since it was on a shelf advertised for seven hundred, I received the laptop at that price, plus the two hundred off with the coupon. So overall, I only paid five hundred dollars for a fairly expensive laptop model. Again, when I went later to purchase a printer, a sales associate told me about a coupon for college students looking to purchase printers. Since I fit into this category, I was able to use this coupon and only pay forty-five dollars on a new printer. Being a coupon hunter is a nice benefit in life. If I did not have the knowledge of how to search and pick out coupons, I probably would not come across half the good deals that I have found, including the great laptop and printer coupons. Thanks to coupons, my shopping skills have improved immensely, causing me to take better note of products, coupons aimed specifically at me, and the prices of these products.

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Now that I am in college, I have no money to be wasting on things that can be found more cheaply somewhere else or that can be replaced by another brand that is not as expensive. Coupons have taught me to ignore the propaganda in marketing and make smarter choices. They also opened up my shopping list to new merchandise to which I may have been oblivious in the past. For these reasons, I will not hesitate to continue using coupons when I make purchases now and in the future.