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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Edwin B.

Coupons are such a wonderful help for many people including myself.  No matter who uses coupons, despite age or income coupons are beneficial.  Coupons help to make things more affordable which allows me to save money and sometimes even purchase more products.  While perusing through a newspaper, skimming through a magazine I usually will come across a coupon that is just so appealing that I become victim to it.  Coupons influence my purchasing decisions by manipulating my thought process, and reducing the price of one of my desired items.

Many times coupons manipulate my thought process.  Frequently products for sale tend to be out of my budget, but after seeing a great deal on a coupon the product that was once too expensive is now more affordable.  The coupon then begins to change my thought process from “this is too much, to this is now a once in a lifetime deal, maybe I can comfortably afford this item.”  Inversely, the product that was once a mediocre product at store prices becomes a wonderful opportunity to buy when the subpar product has been reduced to a reasonable price.  The change in the thought process is because, like editor Susan Yoo-Lee, I realize the long-term benefits of couponing.  Susan Yoo-Lee states that the “average household can save up to $10,000 through couponing, but many Americans dramatically underestimate the long-term effect that couponing can have.”

Another reason my purchasing decisions have been influenced by coupons is because it reduces the price of the items I like.  Reduced prices enhances the urge to buy, because I sense a chance to make a purchase and save money.  Often I will say to myself “I shouldn’t buy this just yet, I need to save just a little more or budget a little better,” but after seeing a coupon it makes the urge that much stronger.  The coupon condenses the price and influences me to believe that I am capable and I should purchase the item at that instant.  Coupons affect my purchasing decisions.

Some people may argue that a coupon could never affect someone’s purchasing decisions, but they would be wrong.  If someone were in a tough predicament, or in a harsh ecosystem, improving his/her environment even by a slim margin would make the atmosphere more conducive to live, thrive, and even possibly survive in.  The same would be the case with couponing, because when first seeing an item in the store it may seem worth the buy, but pricey and too expensive, which would cause one not to buy, however after finding a coupon that says half off, the purchase seems more achievable.  The coupon saying that the price was cut in half has changed the thought process of the consumer because the price has been decreased and the consumer now has more hope of being able to walk away with a deal they can be proud of.

Coupons have saved my family money.  The Sunday newspaper usually has a plethora of coupons and my mother takes many of the coupons and goes to the various stores and gets groceries in bulk because the deals say “buy one get one free.”  Watching my mother get so many things for such a cheap price showed me that getting items with coupons while there are sales would be very advantageous.  So I began to find deals before buying clothes and finding good coupons or sales before getting food and this has changed the way I think about buying products because I am always thinking of getting the best deals, the best prices, and what coupons would help. The constant change in my mind on whether I should or shouldn’t purchase a product shows the coupons influence on my purchasing decisions.

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