Many people often complain about not having enough money to spend on the things that they like because they’re buying necessities first, which causes them to spend way more than what they would have liked. Furthermore, they do not have the money to buy the needed amount of toiletries, food, etc., or enjoy activities that they’d like to do for fun. Coupons influence my purchasing because they provide me with opportunities to spend less and save more. Not only that, but they make aware of future deals for the occasions that I spend more money on such as the Christmas season and Thanksgiving. Coupons are a way reason, understanding, and comfort while purchasing the things I want and/or need.

Because there are many coupons available, there is no reason as to why I should be spending hundreds of dollars on my monthly shopping. Coupons are found in magazines, newspapers, coupon books, and online to name a few places. Coupons provide reasonable discounts on items that are found high priced. Even if my first instinct is not to use the coupons, comparing the regular prices at different stores will often times persuade me to use the coupon at the store offering the lowest regular price to get the most out of the money that I spend.

I look for coupons prior to shopping because I don’t like to shop. When going to the store, I know what I’m going for and therefore do not want to spend more time that what I actually have to in there. Having to compare prices on brands will make me spend time in there assessing and reassessing the items. But, having a coupon will allow me to do a quick glance over at the items being offered and then apply the coupon to the items that are being offered at the lowest price.

There are however certain barriers needed to cross in order to get to some of these coupons. Although coupons are found in plausible opportunities such as magazines and newspapers, they are difficult to come by. Most of the time I have to buy newspapers or magazines to find the coupons that I need the most at the time. And, because I do not spend a lot of time on the internet, when it’s time for shopping that’s when I’ll first begin my hunting process. Finding the coupons tends to be the hardest part for me because I’m looking for specific coupons for a specific time at a specific purpose.

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When I do get the coupons, I use them to the best of my ability. More often than not, I use coupons for grocery shopping and for my own entertainment purposes. I first spend the coupons on the things that I know I need like milk, cereal, noodles, etc. Then once that is done and taken care of, I use coupons to go to the movies or out to dinner or to places such as Fun and Stuff.

Being a college student I am faced with the challenge of budgeting and spending wisely every day. Coupons help me to stay in those limits and redefine my limits some times. They allow me to be flexible when spending money, thus giving me ample opportunity to enjoy my money instead of constantly spending it on the things that I need.

Up-to-minute coupons come in very handy for me. Because I look for coupons prior to shopping as stated above, coupons that show up at the right time are the stress relives that I need before going to purchase more items. They allow me breathing room and a chance to reevaluate my priorities when spending money.

People who are seeking to use coupons as a method of payment should take full advantage. Depending on how one prepares to go shopping, they should add couponing to the agenda. For an example, if a person prepares a grocery list before going to get food, prepare a coupon list as well that can be applied to the total value after purchasing all items. Look for the most up-to-date coupons and save lots of money today. Spend more of your money the way that you want to!

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