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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Dylan R.

Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions… Why, or why not?

How are coupons advertised? For people to be influenced by coupons they need to be presented in the right way, and at the right place. The way people get influenced is by how they are approached by the item, or situation. Coupons are very hard to advertise. Our society is very fast paced, and people rarely have the time to cut, or print out coupons. There are ways for people learn to love coupons, and become a regular thing in our everyday lives. Coupons can definitely have an influence on an individual’s purchasing decisions if they have been approached correctly.

Broadcast media is the way to go when it comes to advertising coupons. Everyone this day and age has some kind of technological device on them almost all the time. For instance, my cousin is only 6 years old, and he just received a new Xbox one for Christmas. Not only did he just get a new Xbox, but he also received a new galaxy S5 phone smartphone! He will be emailing, and texting his friends in no time. That is why emailing coupons to people is the way to go in this society, and can be such a crucial part of your business. With email you will be able to categorize who will be receiving the coupons by age, race, gender, etc. If the right coupon is approached to the right person then it will definitely will have a huge influence on the individual. For example, a 17 year old boy wouldn’t want a coupon to “Victoria Secret” or “Forever 21”. They would most likely want a coupon to “Champs Sports Store”. You will be able to send him Champs coupons via email directly to HIM, and not his 65 year old grandmother.

The expiration date for coupons have become obsolete. No one cares about expiring coupons anymore. It doesn’t have a sense of urgency like it used to in the past. For example, when I was young I remember when I was younger my mother used to have a coupon drawer that she kept especially organized. Every time one was about to expire she would rush to the store, and buy the item that was about to expire. This day and age you don’t see that anymore. Like if a 30 year old mom is getting her Christmas shopping done on the 24th of December, then the odds of her interested in fiddling with coupons because they are about to expire are very slim. She is focused on one thing, and one thing only; get in, get out, and get home, and cook the rest of the Christmas dinner.

No one carries paper around anymore. Even money is mostly stored in a plastic card. For instances. Less than 30% of all the money in America is made out of paper. Millionaires such as the legendary Donald Trump doesn’t even like carrying cash on him. On December of 2013 Trump said “I keep very little cash on me. I like to keep it that way.” Not a lot of people carry around money anymore, so why would people want to carry around coupons? Kids, teenagers, and adults are into apps, and emails. If a coupon could be scanned just as easily as a credit card could via application then there would be no doubt that coupons would have a huge influence on people peoples purchasing decisions.

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In conclusion, I believe coupons can definitely have an influence on an individual’s purchasing decisions if they have been approached correctly. To spread the word to people in our society you must use broadcast media to get peoples influence on these amazing deals. The generation we live in today doesn’t like to be pushed, so the expiration dates might not be the deal sealers anymore. A very agile approach to influencing people is using the coupons valid through their cell phones. Not a lot of people carry around money anymore, so why would people want to carry around coupons anymore? With the right approach, and the right advertising tactics almost every individual can be influenced by coupons.

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