When I first began to use coupons, it was through the influence of the TLC show “Extreme Couponing”. I could not believe that you could really buy products and barely spend any money on them. I have not been as successful as they, but I have definitely had my own personal wins with the help of coupons. To answer the question, “Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions…why or why not?” I would say yes, they do influence my purchasing decisions. If a store offers a coupon for a free lotion with the purchase of another item, I will use it in order to receive the free lotion.

The best thing about coupons are that they are free. I only have to sign up, go online, or subscribe to a newspaper and there they are. Make-up was never my thing. I wore it on occasion, but I was not a woman who would spend $9.00 on good foundation let alone pay department store prices. Once I began noticing that make-up coupons were sent to our house in our newspaper I started using them. Sometimes it would be a high value coupon—$4 off one item—and I would find a discounted item that would be about that price or lower. The more I did this, the more my make-up box grew and it looks like I spend hours making myself over. In this way, coupons have given me approximately $40 worth of drugstore cosmetics for $10. This has given me a new hobby that I enjoy and allows me to play around with my look. Coupons have completely influenced my usage of cosmetics.

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Anyone who has a teenage daughter can tell you that it is not cheap. We have extra expenses due to feminine hygiene and if you are like me, you’re very loyal to a specific brand. Thankfully, the company I prefer to use sends coupons that are worth using. When the products go on sale, I take my coupons and stock up so that I won’t have to constantly buy them. I used this strategy while shopping for my move to my school. I knew I had about five months’ worth of products that I needed and did not want to have to buy any when I was away. I went through sales papers and compared coupons so that I would receive the best value. Eventually, I went to a drugstore near my house and for only $20 plus a $5 reward card, I received $40 worth of products. I stocked up for the next five months that I would be away at school and saved $25 in the process. Another time that coupons influenced me in planning for my move was at a store I usually don’t shop at unless I have coupons. This particular store provides store coupons and will let you use them in addition to the manufacturer coupons that are sent out to consumers. I was looking for a razor, my favorite body wash, and shave gel to pack for my move. The store had a promotion where if you spent $15 before tax, then they would take $5 off your purchase. I bought each of the items that I needed and with the use of coupons and their promotion I only paid $1.36. I remember the exact price because I was so shocked since the items I purchased are usually on the expensive side. Whenever I find coupons from the particular store, I try to find coupons in the paper to use with them so that I can continually receive prices as low as I have had before.

Coupons are constantly influencing my purchases. If I want to save my money, I won’t buy a product if I do not have coupon for it. They are excellent for college students because you can buy what you need without spending more than necessary and, as I said before, coupons are free. There are now apps that have coupon codes for stores and it is easy to go online to find coupons that you can print out. I will continue to use coupons and encourage others to do so.

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