Having been raised with the notion that coupons are only valuable where needed but can lure people to overspend, I treat them with caution. Savvy shoppers can do very well with coupons and sales, but then, I’m not much of a shopper. I’m sure this would be different if I ran my own household and had a family to shop for. Still, many coupons are for things that aren’t needed but rather wanted, across all categories. Keeping this in mind makes it easier for me to decide as to whether I want to use this tempting on-line coupon for a gadget that I’d like to have or not. As it is, I’m a student, working for my allowance, so that helps keep my shopping list to a minimum. If I need or want a certain item, I may wait for it to go on sale, but looking at coupons and letting them influence me to buy something I didn’t really think of getting before happens very rarely. I’m also lucky that my friends are in the same boat, with none of us coming from homes where spending reigns. There is neither an image to represent nor a status to keep up with. As for coupons, they may serve a purpose to many people but as for me will not have their intended value for some time to come.

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