Who would have ever thought that in this day and age coupons would play such a huge role in society?  It wasn’t so long ago that coupons seemed to almost disappear from the consumers hands. That may have been in part by the wave of online shopping and other avenues of convenience for consumers. But to tell the truth, coupons seemed to be making a very rare comeback resisting any threat of extinction. Why is this? Let’s explore this new found phenomenon that brave coupon patrons have armed them with ever so diligently.

Let me state first that I must confess, I am not a coupon user virtually at all by any means, unless of course the store has an in store coupon and has decided to gracefully share the savings with me as the consumer. Other than that, I haven’t jumped on the band wagon. My reasoning is sort of simple. I live in a rural area where there is no special Sunday publication full of goodies from the advertisers. I do not own a printer to print the savings out for times when I go shopping. I also think that some of the name brands or advertised brands may have great competitors in the store brands. In some cases I sometimes have grown accustomed to the taste or texture and will prefer the store brand over the name brand. I feel that I save money and time rather than hunting down the exact advertised item only to find out that I need a rain check for it, or that the advertised item on the coupon had a significant price difference between the store brand.  Am I arrogant? Perhaps. But just for the sake of argument I will defend coupons and coupon users.

Now although I have never seen an episode myself, I have heard some very wild tales of extreme couponing. Some people swear by utilizing coupons to no end. They gather mass newspapers, and separate each coupon into specific categories. They mass print coupons in production. When they become full of artillery and have precisely calculated exactly how much they won’t spend but will net from coupon usage, they man their battle stations and head out to unsuspecting grocery stores. They buy in extreme bulk. They create storage in their homes and share with members of their family. The literally have stock and pile.

Now that to me is extreme. But there are some people who do so in moderation, and that is something I do understand. Those moderate people will clip a few coupons here and there for those items that they do use and have grown to love. Occasionally they may slip in a bit more than a few, but perhaps only on an item that they really consume a lot of. That is not terribly unreasonable if that is what they do as a norm. For me, however, couponing is just not a part of my routine. If I were to get a hold of coupons, more than likely I would forget them when it’s time to shop. It is enough to fumble with my wallet coin purse thing-a-do-hickey. I may even loose a few trying to separate them from dollar bills. Plus, when I shop, I try to speed through the store before I get hungry or to avoid temptation of buying something that I really don’t need causing me to over spend. My decision not to bear coupons is solely my own, and not influenced by anything external.

In closing, I do hope that all of the requirements were easily understood and addressed. In no way, shape form, or fashion am I knocking people who use coupons. They can be good to have, but for me, they really wouldn’t save me very much and they are not within my reach.

A note from us at I’m In:  Dracena is someone who doesn’t usually use coupons but we hope you’ll shop our store directory to find great deals next time you’re in the mood to save!