Coupons have been a part of our lives for over 100 years. Something with that longevity should answer the question if coupons influence our purchasing decisions. From an early age coupons has influenced me and my family. Growing up, as a child, I took pleasure in the task of helping my mom cut coupons. If we were at the store and didn’t have a coupon on something, we didn’t buy it, until we did. Currently, as an underpaid adult, who works full time, and goes to college, I personally like & use coupons on a regular basis on products that I use frequently and news ones that I might be hesitant to try.  Coupons have become a part of my everyday life, thanks to my sister that showed me how fun it is to save money. If I’m at a store, unprepared with any coupons, and find something I like, I’ll call my sister to see if there any available.  Or if she happens to call me while, I’m out shopping, she’ll ask, “Do you have coupons?”  There are times when I negotiate who has the better coupon!  I don’t know if my friends are secretly making fun of me, but they even know how much I rely on coupons.  If we are talking about any kind of purchase, I usually hear, “Ok but how much did you REALLY get if for, knowing you, you had some awesome deal.” Some may think of it as being frugal. I feel it’s the thrill of saving my money that can be put to use elsewhere. There have been plenty of times where I’ve saved over 70% on a single item, that wasn’t out of season or clearance.   Truth is, coupons offer me amazing deals when done in conjunction with independent retail sale offerings, which is definitely a huge influence.  I think the naysayers of coupons are just lazy. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to save money, especially in economic times like these and how computer and mobile technology has made the availability of coupons much easier. The savings may not be earthshattering to some, but it’s still not full price.  Maybe it’s physiological or just good marketing strategy.

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