I use coupons all the time when I shop for groceries or when I shop for other items that are not edible. The use of coupons are a great thing for me because I have limited or not enough funds and when I shop for food I want to spend as little money as I can, but get the same quality of food that I am used to eating. When I use coupons my grocery bill is a lot less. Sometimes it’s surprisingly wonderful how low the cost is once I use the coupons. I also have a supermarket discount card for Food Lion so I get a double discount on the cost of my groceries when the cashier swipes my Food Lion discount card on store named products and I use the coupons for name brand products at the same time. When I do that my grocery bill savings can be as much as $40.00 or more. The cost of food has risen extremely high and when coupons and store discount cards can be used to bring down my grocery bill I am so very happy and satisfied.

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 I also like electronics and I have a laptop, printer, DVD player, and VCR and when I need to purchase ink cartridges, copy paper, blank DVD’s, or blank VCR tapes some places have in store coupons and I do use those, because these items can be very expensive and most of the time I have limited or not enough money to purchase these items. This helps me manage what little money I have to make ends meet.

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 I never heard about the website Imin.com and now that I have this would be a wonderful way for me to get the coupons I need for items I need to purchase. Looking through the website I am excited to learn that this website has coupons for just about everything I need. This is a wonderful thing and I will be on that website a lot.

 Now that I am getting older I am trying to eat more healthy and sometime the foods I wish to purchase cost more than the foods I use to purchase which were not so healthy. Coupons and in store sales help me to be able to purchase these items at a lesser price than what the store is asking. I love that it makes me feel like I am a smart shopper.

 I have always used coupons and I know that I will always use coupons no matter what I purchase. Coupons are a very good thing and a sensible thing to use when shopping for quality food and other merchandise that is otherwise very expensive. Saving money and getting the best product is what most customer want and they should be able to get it and using coupons can help make that happen.

 I have friends that when they were working never used coupons, but now that they are either retired or disabled and cannot work the cost of food has risen so much they are having a hard time paying for their groceries. I told them about using coupons and at some supermarkets using their in store discount card and now they are seeing what I had been telling them how they could save money and still buy what the need and want. My friends and I now trade coupons and shop at places that have in store discount cards. They are so happy that I turned them on to coupons because their grocery bills have decreased a lot and they’re still getting the food they want.

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 I cut coupons out all the time because there are products I get all the time and once a week in the mail we get a sale paper that most of the time has a coupon book or two inside along with other sale papers. I want to be prepared when I go shopping for food and have all my coupons for the items I plan to purchase and my grocery list so that I don’t forget anything. Sometime I shop at more than one store and I use the coupons at all the supermarkets I shop at that day. Just in case I don’t use a particular coupon I check the expiration to make sure I will have the time to purchase it before it expires. I only cut coupons on items I use or eat on a regular basis. Once in a while I may cut out a coupon for something I want that I haven’t had in years or always wanted but never had before. In the end I use coupons to help me manager my limited funds and help me stay as healthy as I can.