Coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. I have watched extreme couponing and it has given me a new perspective of shopping. I have witnessed in stores where people use coupons and their items are almost completely free. Coupons are life savers. During hard times you need something to cut down some prices. Most Americans are financially challenged. I have went to the store plenty of times and left spending a hundred dollars on just a few items.

It is very expensive to shop especially if you have a large family. I think low income homes use coupons the most. Not using coupons can cost you a fortune every year, week, and day. Couponing is like a sport. Almost like a race to the finish line. Purchasing items without coupons is not always a bad thing. Some people can go buy whatever they want without having to worry about the price.

There is always that awesome coupon that always takes a huge percentage out of your purchase. It is always better to put a hole in coupon paper rather than putting a hole in your wallet that we can’t afford. I rather coupon in grocery stores that clothing stores. If we have clothes we can make them stretch until a certain amount of time. As far as food, we need that every day. I support couponing. It is a way to get things at a much cheaper price. It always teaches you how to strategize.

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Some people choose certain dates to go shop and use their coupons. There is a lot of thought put into these activity. Sometimes we cheat ourselves by purchasing things for the full price. Why do we throw free away to pay the full amount? I have left the store feeling cheated. I felt cheated because all of the money I worked for was gone just on 6 items.

Couponing really cheats the system in a good way. I’m all for couponing because I love to hold on to money as much as I can. No one wants to walk in a store with pockets loaded with money then leave feeling empty. We want to feel like we have made the best deal possible. Some stores have certain sales on specified dates. Every shopper wants to feel like he or she have something worth the amount of money they spent. We want to feel like we have gotten our money’s worth. Who wants to go to the store and spend lump sums of money feeling like they have a kid’s meal bag? It has come a time in America where we need this couponing system. It also takes a toll on prices when selfish people decide to steal and merchants and marketers have to raise their prices. We suffer from thieves actions as well.

Time management is also important. It’s ok if we don’t have time to sit and cut out pieces of paper for a deal. If we are in a rush to do something of course we will rush in a store and pick up our items and dart out paying the full price. I do both couponing and full price purchasing. In my opinion it is all a choice. Some make it their priority. Couponing can also be helpful on the internet. People also blog about it tom educate others who enjoy and invest time in couponing.

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Although couponing sounds great, some deals are not actually deals. Some stores may have better deals ready without needing the use of coupons. There are also times where coupons are not worth the deal. We are not to be fooled by the word “coupon”. Everything that looks like a deal isn’t. To me couponing is a much better resource than buying things the expensive way. It is time that we get a break from prices anyway. Purchasing anything can be a deal. Using coupons can be a cheat. Both ways are very useful and very helpful.