Coupons are found everywhere. It is on magazines newspapers online and etc. A lot of people love to get coupons because it’s a chance that they could save money. One great example it could be a show called extreme couponing  in the t.v. channel called TLC. In this show it shows how many families collect coupons to go buy their groceries and how it helps them. Collecting all this coupons help them to save money and practically buy everything free.

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Coupons could have a little bit of savings or a lot of saving but it helps a lot. It could be really greatful on those families that have really low-income because those families its really hard to buy a lot of things without spending all their money. Having coupons could not only help them but they could show others that it really influences everybody when they go to a store and need to buy something that is expensive they could just have a coupon and get it with less money.

One great season to have coupons is during Christmas season because it’s when everybody is buying gifts and it’s when there is more sales than any other time. If I were to use coupons it will really help me a lot because I already have a daughter on my own so I really need to save as much money as possible. Also if I learn how to use coupons efficiently I could help people and especially my family because if they save money with coupons they will have a relief of not wasting that much money.

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Many people believe that coupons are just a waste of time and that they might not work. Coupons are really helpful only if you know how to use it. Using coupons required to have a lot of knowledge of math because if you want to do a big purchase with coupons you have to know how much you spending with coupons so at the end of the day you practically have a free shopping. Not knowing how to use it could affect all your purchases with coupons. Also one important key when using coupons is to see if they’re not expired because if they are expired then there’s no point of using them and it could be wasting your time.

I believe that there is no reason to just say that coupons are not worth it. If coupons didn’t exist then there will be a lot of families struggling to buy anything because maybe they don’t have enough money. Also using this coupons could be used to buy many products and give it to a charity that needs it and that is a lot of help. Parents could show their children that coupons are a great resource if you want to save money.

It could seem crazy to go shopping and have a lot of carts filled with products and then when you go to the register the cashier sees you with that crazy face. Being on the register could be stressful because all you thinking it’s if the coupons are going to work or not. The people next to you could be saying like ” wow, is she going to buy all that ?” What people don’t realize is that you have coupons for it.

After using coupons for a while and you get used to it, you realized that it is great using it. That way you could start paying any debt you have of anything because you’re using coupons to buy like groceries or anything else. for instance you could have bills that are really high and you can’t pay them because whatever job you have you don’t gain a lot of money and it’s not helping paying your bills because you have to buy other thing. Using coupons could reduce all those bills. Coupons are awesome and great to use!