Coupons do influence your purchasing decisions? Most definitely! I used to be a non-coupon person and opposed to the general idea of not utilizing or carrying coupons due to the inconvenience of it. Who really wants to have a purse full of papers clipped and look through them and spend agonizing hours clipping them? Well that currently has changed for me. We had a one income household and we were going out of so much and fast. Much to my surprise my husband came up with the idea of me couponing to save money. I obliged and stated that if it didn’t work that I would simply stop. It all started simply by having the Sunday paper delivered to my door. Speaking with friends about how to approach couponing also helped!

What I do is cut the coupons of the products that I do use. If you cut them on your own you will find that you can easily remember what you have in your possession. Also previewing the Sunday papers coupons will help you to decide if you want to buy more papers depending on your preference for name brand items such as Tide, Clorox, and Pantene Pro V, just to name a few. You can sign up for a weekly email from Sunday Coupon Preview by going to Signing up for other online emails will help you get going as well. I use The Krazy Coupon Lady and I also utilize CVS on my spending sprees. You get to save so much by utilizing their Extra Bucks program! I encourage you to sign up for it! It’s free money to spend in the store! Savings in stores on a regular basis is somewhere between 20% to 85%! You can utilize store coupons with manufacturer coupons and also online coupons for maximized savings as long as it doesn’t state on the coupon itself that you can’t double.

I recommend starting off with one newspaper and then gradually increasing your newspapers quantity. I will typically buy 4 newspapers if it’s products that we will use or are in need of. My more extreme couponing friends will buy more than that. You do need to start with a stockpile at first and it does take time. Patience is definitely needed. You can visibly see your savings on your receipts and that is gratifying. For example I used to buy detergent about every 2 weeks! I tried making my own too to see if it could stretch my savings, however that was short lived because it took too much time and effort to make it. Once I started couponing though I haven’t had to buy actual detergent in months! I buy it now just to keep my stockpile up and going! I have shelves filled of products that I use regularly and it’s all for couponing. I don’t have to rush out the store because we are out of anything, except for maybe milk (my household can never contain that because it’s a definite staple).

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I could literally go on and on about the hundreds of dollars that I save on a regular basis, however all things must come to an end. I coupon because of necessity and now I also do it for the love of it. It’s a little time consuming…most definitely, but it’s well worth it. We were a family on a one income household struggling to make the most of what we had before couponing. Now we are a couponing family that saves hundreds of dollars on named brand products that we need and use regularly. I can’t find any more valid of a reason than that to actually start saving by utilizing coupons. The savings are great and there is so much potential. If I have excess product, before it expires I donate it to local shelters, friends, and family. The real question here is why everyone doesn’t utilize savings by couponing? Typically you are throwing out so much money by paying full price on regular items. I chose the savings any day!