Is this even a question?

If they had coupons for buying cars best believe I would rack up. Coupons make my life so much easier, especially as a high school senior with tons of expenses. If it was not for coupons half of my personal belongings would have never been bought. However, instead of me ranting on and on about coupons helping me here and there, it is be better if I explained how coupons influenced my purchasing decisions with a short story.

As a youngster I could care less about coupons. If there was something I wanted I did not care about the products cost or benefits. I could never save more than five dollars and the only way I would save money was if my mom forced me to put it in my piggy bank. But over time, like every maturing adolescent, I started to realize stuff was so high.  For example, I never realized a regular bar of Starburst cost $1.79! The first time I noticed I was about to cry. Just a year ago it was seventy nine cents. Not only candy, but the price of clothes, shoes, school supplies, food, and electronics all drastically increased. An individual never realizes the cost of a product until they have to pay for it with their own money. Now, I fully understand why my parents would always complain and refuse to buy me things. Currently, everywhere I go I take coupons or a rewards card. Whether the destination is a convenience store, the mall, a restaurant, or some clothing store I am fully prepared. For instance, when I was buying cleats and athletic wear off of Eastbay the original price of my cart was $210.32, but after using some coupons that gave me thirty percent off with free shipping, my priced ironically dropped down to $133.29.

I know how to use coupons, but my strength is with the “buy one get one free” coupon. Whatever company supplied the coupon is going to be mad when they see me come back every day to buy one thing and leave with a handful of free stuff. Coupons really make buying commodities so much easier by marking down the price. Even if the coupon saves me a small amount of money, I am still grateful because in time that saved money accumulates. Sooner or later I will realize I have a strange stash of money lying around that I can use when hanging out with friends. Truthfully, I cannot take all the credit for my coupon purchasing strategy. My mom is a master at using coupons.  She alone helped me realize their reliability when shopping. She will literally go to the supermarket and come back with six boxes of name brand cereal for two dollars. Despite doing the math every single time, I still do not know how she does it.

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Assuredly, coupons help me shopping more than my readers may ever know. By simply lowering the price and promoting special deals, coupons can save me splendid amounts of money. Do not confuse me with some extreme couponer, like the ones on television, who buy two thousand dollars’ worth of merchandise and only pay ten dollars. Genuinely, I use coupons reasonably to my advantage. Unquestionably, coupons are and will forever be a benefit to society.