What people don’t realize is that coupons are actually there to help you save money and live better.  Some people act as if coupons are only used if you are having financial troubles and just can’t afford most of the products in the retail or grocery store. Of course if you are one of those people who are in a tough spot financially, coupons would seem like a beneficial cheat code. Coupons actually serve a higher purpose than it seems. Coupons use a certain pricing strategy where similar products are available at different prices by the same provider but in different places. Coupons don’t just exist in grocery stores, they could be offered as services as well. As a college student like myself, financial aid can also be considered a coupon. A very important federal coupon that is. Being a college student is tough, and without mom being there to do some of that delicious home cooking, you have to learn to use the resources around you to help you maintain a good healthy diet. For instance, I’m subscribed to receive coupons in the mail. Recently I just used a coupon to purchase a 16 GB flash drive for my laptop for only ten dollars! The possibilities are endless. There are so many resources that we are overlooking each day to make our lives easier, not just students but adults too. It’s just a matter of not being lazy and going out to get more for your buck. That’s just being productive. One of my favorite shows on TV nowadays are “Extreme Couponing” I always watched when it came on at night. It’s where people would combine shopping skills with couponing to try and save as much money as possible while gathering the most groceries. It’s very interesting and it gives you such a rush. The thing is, that could be anyone. Not necessarily meaning you have to go into the grocery store and spend $600 dollars on pizza rolls and canned goods. I like to think of coupons as small tokens of generosity to help our American consumers a little bit at a time. So does coupons influence my purchasing decisions in my everyday life? Of course.

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