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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-De’Jiara D.

What is it about coupons that people love so much?  The saving money, the thrill of shopping, or is it just a hobby that some have to help prepare for natural disasters. Who knows but coupons are a big part of life and stores all around us today. Even back than when there were first created in 1887 by a man named of Asa Candler who was a very successful business man in Atlanta who worked in the Coca Cola plant he thought that if he made these coupons they would help his company branch off and of course it did and from then just by making a few free hand written Coca Cola coupons his product was then the market –dominating drink in America. From then on he could successfully price is product at 5 cents. And soon after Between 1894-1913 an estimate was taken and one in nine Americans received a free Coca Cola with a total of 8,500,00 free drinks and by 1895 Colas were served all over America. By the early 1900s people went crazy over saving money and seeing how much money you could still have in their hands. Cereal started to become discounted thanks to the new found money saver Coupons! See even back than coupons were such a big and great saver. But I never thought of it changing your decision in a purchase have you? A question was given to me which is way I’m writing this essay and the question was Do Coupons influence your purchasing decisions why or why not? Now as I reread and think on this question some people would say yes it effects there purchasing in stores only because they would feel the item is to high price for the quality it may or may not be. Some would say not only because they feel than can afford the item or they may really need the item. I personally say yes and no.. I say yes because I feel that some items that are only on sale with a coupon should be purchased only with the coupon because the store price is too high for the amount of money I may or may not have at that time in the store. I also think of the money I could still use on other things I may need in the near future or I just don’t feel like the price is right without a coupon. Now I say no because sometimes the item I may need may be the only thing in stock or by time I receive a coupon the item may be gone or discounted for a season or whatever the case may be in the store at that moment. I also say no because cutting out coupons and putting them in order is time consuming that I could be using on other things. Is couponing apart of my daily routine you ask? No its not because I feel that couponing is and can become a hobby for something else now if I feel or see a coupon that’s fit for an outfit or I feel the percentage is big enough for me to use and pay way less than I figured I would than of course I’ll keep the coupon and use it but as far as other things couponing may give me I rather not spend my time on it. Now in my research with family members and friends they seem to think that couponing can save you way more money than you would even expect. And I to agree but they also feel that sometimes couponing is over rated only because they feel that some people over do on the couponing and feel that they really need all this stuff for things or storms that may or may not even happen on the coast. I say if you love to coupon than do so but I’m not a big fan of it. But I ask do you coupon? What it is about coupons that you enjoy besides the savings?

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