Coupon: A voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product. This wonderful definition describes me perfectly. I am the holder of this amazing voucher that holds the key to all of my discounts. Through the years, my mother had consistently told me to save my money and strive to cut out all of my coupons through the Sunday newspapers. I did not believe her at first because I thought that no one could save so much money with a “piece of paper”. She then decided to change my beliefs on the extravagant coupon savings by taking me to the store to shop with her. When we checked out, she only had to pay with her coupons and just a few dollars! I was highly impressed and shocked with disbelief. This one day changed my outlook on how I look at coupons today.

Coupons have such a great influence on my life. Being in college, I worry about being in debt after I graduate and that is something that I do not consistently want to think about. So in turn, I seek to find coupons everywhere! I write to companies asking if they have any coupons for their products and these companies send me coupons in the mail. Also, I ask my friends for their coupons, I cut out coupons from the newspapers, and I print out coupons online. I even have an automatic coupon alert system that is sent to my email if there is a specific coupon that I am desperate need of to purchase an item. Now, I have so many coupons that they take up a great amount of space in my wallet. That being said, I had to transfer my coupons from my wallet to a coupon binder. I believe that I do not need money to go to a store to purchase my items because all I need is my wonderful coupons.

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Going to the store, I seek to find only the items that I have a coupon for. I have made a vow to only purchase items that I have a coupon for because I cannot afford to purchase an item that does not have any markdowns. Coupons are such an influence to me that I make it my goal to put one hour aside each night to find coupons. During college, sometimes I have to pay for school supplies and I do not have the money for the supplies. So instead of just saying, “I can’t pay for this”, I go out on a coupon hunt to find what basic necessities I need for the week and try to knock the regular price down for all my items purchased. In turn, I take the money that I did not have to spend for my basic necessities with the school supplies that I need to purchase. Truly, my system of using coupons for my daily necessities has helped my out tremendously. I would not be able to purchase the items I need for school if I did not have my coupons. I find only the specific products that I need at the store and I search my coupon binder for that coupon. If I have the coupon, I buy the product. If I do not have the coupon for the product, I turn it away and wait for a coupon deal to come out for that product.

Yes, I believe that coupons are a major influence on my shopping decisions when I am going to purchase an item. I highly believe that if I did not have coupons in my life, I would not be able to buy the things that I truly need. Walking into a store with a coupon binder in my hands is just an average day shopping at a store for me. I will consistently try to find a great deal on an item if I have a coupon for it. Coupons are like pieces of gold to me and have helped me out so much during my freshman year of college. As I pertain to the definition of a coupon, this single voucher holds the key to my decision in a purchase of an item.