Shopping is a part of our daily lives and how a person shops is the most important.  You have different type of shoppers ones that use coupons and ones that do not, most people prefer to use coupons if it is an option. Coupons most defiantly have an influence on people’s purchasing because it will make a transaction smoother as well as save that person money.  From personal experience as well as watching others, if a person can obtain a coupon they will because that would mean more money in their pocket.  Recently I had went to Pep Boys, which is auto shop that was charging Thirty-Five dollars to have an oil change.  However, they offered a coupon online, which would allow the same oil change at Twenty-Five dollars.  With Knowledge of this, I immediately went online and printed out a coupon to use when the oil change was finished.  This saved ten dollars on my purchase and I was able to use that same ten dollars towards another important matter. Looking for coupons before shopping is important because if I had looked online before I went to the auto shop I would not had to make a trip to get a coupon for my purchase.  So looking before shopping will help the buyer be prepared.  As for shopping in the supermarket and places like that, coupons are essential in shopping.  They will have one of the greatest influence on a person’s purchasing decision.  If the shopping center does not have any deals to offer but have coupons this will affect the persons decision to purchase the item because depending on whether they have a coupon or not will determine if they item will be purchased.  Having a coupon will most defiantly save people money but they can also be a hassle to obtain. Such as the coupons that you have to get offline, it can inconvenience you if you are currently at the store and find that if you had printed the coupon you would be able to save money.  Although coupons are very useful not everyone would like to partake in the usage of them because of the trouble it might be to get one. If coupons are a hassle to get maybe searching up your favorite stores and or your local stores and seeing if they have any, deals on coupons will save you time and money.  Coupons are more for saving money on a person’s purchase but can also be for gaining a multitude of an item.  This is more in Fast Food restaurants more than any other place.  They offer coupon deals such as buy one get one free, buy one-get half-off, and other deals such as that.  This plays a major role in a person’s purchasing decisions because now it’s a decision to get more and to save money at the same time.  Usually a person will come to a restaurant with a coupon in order to gain more of the product because it is beneficial to what they were willing to spend.  These same deals also apply in clothing stores as well as shoe stores and many others.  These stores offer these coupons because they have a great influence on the buyer’s decision and most buyers prefer to save money more than spend it.  However these stores do not offer coupons on the inside like when you enter a supermarket so that will be a reason that people will not use coupons because they were not able to gain one through easy access.  If Stores would give, you an option to gain a coupon for you next purchase or for future purchases, people would consider using coupons more.  People find everyway and anyway to save money on anything that they purchase so coupons were provided to help buyers save money.  Therefore, when shopping besides prices, the amount of items, or the product that is left coupons are right next to all those important decisions.

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