Regardless of my financial situation coupons will always determine the outcome of purchases. There is a fine line between what I do and what would be considered extreme couponing. I don’t see how people can reject free money simply because of that fact that they are either too lazy to use the coupon or for some reason embarrassed. Whatever the instance may be I find it idiotic and think that your arrogance is costing you good amount of money. For those who consider coupons as nothing more than a hand out must take one thing into consideration, wouldn’t scholarships be the exact same thing on a larger scale? Though coupons only save you a few dollars at most eventually over time those dollars start to add up. However I do not let coupons dominate my decisions that dramatically but if I do have the option of using them there is not a doubt in my mind that I will. Those are my decisions, as for my families there opinions range. Beginning with my mother who does a majority of the shopping believes that coupons are a great help, especially in the big shopping trips which ends in bills up in the hundreds. As for my father it really depends whether or not the coupon is convenient for him, unlike my mother who goes out of her way to use the coupons my father believes if and only if its there than why not use it, otherwise he has no problem with paying in full. Continuing on to my siblings, my brother who never found the need for them quickly converted his opinion once he began the process of moving out and purchasing his own apartment. His entire life groceries never consisted of any value they just magically appeared inside the refrigerator and pantry a specific time of the week. However now that he realizes the same magic he was so used to disappeared he collects coupons as if its actually money. It goes perfectly along with the saying you never truly appreciate something until it is gone, sadly for my brother that is the situation he is in. As for my older sister she has always respected the value of a good coupon, though she could get picky with which ones were actually worth activating it was a good start that she got used to the idea of relying on them. As for my younger sister she has just been introduced to the world of coupons as she is just 15 years old. Though she has never shopped independently before she quickly grasped the idea of shopping and picking out the necessities from everything else, which is a valuable trait to pick up. Knowing which coupons to use all begins with narrowing down which foods you need to purchase and in how much amount of time. Also it is a very good trait to never shop while you are hungry, I learned that the hard way on multiple occasions. Nevertheless our family as a unit is overall on the same page regarding the use of coupons. While living in a time like this whether you are wealthy, in between, or neither coupons can always work to your advantage. Being one of the only things the government has gotten right you would think more people would take advantage of the opportunity, however many don’t. In fact there are those who have never used a coupon in their life, and for those I can only imagine how much unnecessary money they’re spending for absolutely no reason. The only things coupons take away is a short amount of time from your life to select the coupons. However the outcomes from simply sacrificing those few seconds could end with you saving a good amount of money.

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