In this type of environment that balances its composure on paper, we, as hungry humans, strive to gain a wallet superior to pocket-size. Paper: a powerful object grown to control.

It is not that humans are greedy, but desperate. Giving the circumstances of gas prices, tuition, loans, car payments, mortgage, and even food, it is difficult to maintain your finances. When I hear the word “coupon”, I think “saving”. The idea of saving gives us motive to spend. When we lay wanting eyes on that revealing sign “20% off!” we inherit the excitement not just from the enticing exclamation point, but also from the experience of savoring. Receiving coupons, before or after a purchase, is like a gift. Humans are drawn to saving, as much as they are drawn to spending.

Coupons influence one’s intentions to purchase items. We collect and paper clip our stack of coupons, then as we spend them we are praised for our gathering. The powerful paper that has taken control over humans, creates a wanting of refusal to give it all away. Technology is making it easier to receive coupons, therefore making the ambition fold into a routine. With a variety of new ways to assemble coupons such as e-mails, apps, and websites, shoppers can quickly access saving money. The coupon itself influences shoppers, and the expiration date urges shoppers to use the coupon before it runs out.

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Take this scholarship as an example. I am applying for the scholarship with my need to save money, as do many. If scholarships, grants, and financial aid was not offered, fewer people would most likely not enroll in colleges. But because there are options to save money, it attracts their attention. Coupons are similar to scholarships, they both save you money and catch your attention to spend more than usual. As you can see, scholarships influence my desire to go to college, as do coupons influencing my desire to purchase items. My wallet holds more coupons than it does cash. Although coupons make me feel unorganized sometimes due to their different expiration dates, I still keep them at knowledgeable reach knowing they are worthy.

I like to spend, but at the same time, I like to save; a controversy many face. But with the help of coupons, or ways of saving money such as this scholarship, it makes me less uneasy when making purchases.