Being raised in a single-parent household with five-children, I would say that coupons highly influence my purchasing decision for several reasons. Coupons offset your purchasing total, help you purchase more, and gives you the cushion to purchase others items needed.

When I was coming up my mother would walk to 7-11 which is our local convenientĀ  store that sold newspapers, so she could clip the coupons. She would clip coupons and have them spreader everywhere. I would say why are you clipping the same coupons and her response was that she need to purchase more than one of the same item. There is a science to her madness! I have saw where our food total have been over $300 and because we had coupons the total end up being &140, which offset our purchasing total as we got more for our buck.

Because of my mother coupon obsessive compulsive behavior she have led me to clip coupons as well. I try to save a dollar everywhere I go or only go to stores when there are coupons available. When people see my mother they always ask how do she and her children stay looking so good with a very nice as if she have a job making a lot of money and they don’t understand it’s from her compulsive behaviors that has surged over to her children.

When we use coupons no matter how cheesy people think it is, for the price of a newspaper at $1.59 verses the $20-200 we save in a given store it’s priceless. When we save in stores it allows us to not only get more bang for our buck, but are able to purchase more and allow our dollars to stretch. Yes coupons influence my purchasing decision and if you know what I know it should yours as well.

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