I am often known for using coupons when I go grocery shopping. I am not the type to clip coupons, but I have attempted it in the past. I look for coupons for healthier options, that are either GMO free or organic. If I have coupons from my local Kroger for these particular items I am a happy camper. I really tend to use the digital coupons on my Kroger app that is connected to my Kroger card. If my budget is really low in a week I am even less reluctant to use any coupons. I usually stick with store brand or manager specials during the frugal times. I often feel coupons can tend to make you just buy name brand items that are still costing the shopper more than the store brand. So to answer the survey question, sometimes coupons influence what I am buying. It just has to be the right coupon at the right time. It always helps if the store is running a sale or big special on an item that week. For instances, last month a popular juice brand Welch’s came out with a new line of juice. Most bottles at that time had a coupon hanging on the neck of the bottle for “buy two save two dollars”. That is precisely sweet. The same week Kroger was running a special of “buy six save six dollars” or sometimes butthree dollars. I can’t remember exactly because they do this sale often and change the variables often with it. After buying six juices with three coupons I paid less than a dollar per bottle of juice. If my memory serves me correctly, it was a one and a half quart bottle. So in that time I experienced a good shopping trip using coupons. I even went back a of couple times and did it again. Once without the buy so many save so many dollars sale. I am also known to buy items that have coupons attached to the item. They seem to draw my attention every single time. I know that is probably the main purpose of the coupons such as bright green stickers on the end of the loaves of bread I purchased the other day but at the time, it was the best deal I could find. I often like the idea of becoming an extreme couponer, but I am just not fond of the products offered thru the coupons. There is rarely any GMO free, organic or even close to natural items in the coupons in the papers and mids bags each week. But in all honesty, it is the same with my store app for Kroger. Every so often they will run coupons for their new Simple Truth line. I  am all for saving money but I can’t do it at the expense of my childrens’ health. Some of the coupons that determine what I buy are household items. It always helps to have coupons for items that we tend to use a lot around the house. Toiletries, detergents and soaps I almost always have a paper coupon or a digital coupon for. If I have a coupon for tide I will pay an extra couple bucks because it is something that the generic brands do not match up to. As far as it being safe , the earth friendly natural brands are outrageous and definitely in affordable for our family most the time. A big factor in what type of diapers and wipes also depends on what kind of coupons I have accumulated at the time. If I have coupons for Pampers it is my first and foremost pick. If not then I will choose Luvs which are usually always affordable. I love to save money and try to budget as much as I can. I am not the best at it but I try to do the best for my children and husband. I guess I can just try a little harder everyday and hope for coupons that I need!

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