Due to the job that my parents have, coupons have and do influence the purchases my family and I make. I come from a low income household and the reason we use coupons is to save money and because my parents work in a printing company.

Due to this, my parents are well aware at how much it cost for companies to be printing out coupons. Working in printing is difficult and dangerous, it’s more than printing paper, like we do in our small office printers, and many people over see this. The way it works is that things are printed in a huge paper that include clients business cards, calendar pages, and coupons, as well as other paper products. Then each different piece needs to be cut out with a big machine that can cut many papers at once. In order to perfectly cut the pages the machine has a sharp knife and the worker has to manually arrange the paper under the knife. There are chances of people getting hurt if they are not careful but the necessity to have something in the table for the family drives many minorities to work in dangerous jobs. All my aunts and uncles also work in a printing company not in the same one but all places are exhausting and all have minorities as workers. Many companies pay to get coupons printed and it is not cheap and to get them mailed is another cost. Therefore my family believe if the companies are wasting money to make coupons, we should encourage them to order making more, by using them. This will help anyone working for a printing company obtain more working hours and will be helping families save money. However, there are online websites that give coupons, and companies don’t waste money on printing, but those coupons are welcomed since many people live in a financial struggles.

Living in a financial struggle, encourages one to search for coupons online and sign up to infinite reward cards in each store one visits to obtain the best deals. Although many emails sent are not even coupons so one ends with hundreds of unwanted messages. From when I was a little kid my mom taught me the difference from buying the essentials and buying luxuries, but back then I did not quite comprehend her teachings as much as I do now. At stores I will see other children my age do tantrums and demand a toy and at the end their parents will buy it to make them happy. However, when I wanted something my mom will tell me “ Lo siento mija ahorita no puedo”(sorry my daughter, I can’t (buy it )right now) but even if I did not obtained what I wanted I was always satisfied and happy. When my mom did buy me something it was because she used coupons and it is not something to be ashamed of because what makes something valuable is not how much it cost but the thought and effort behind it. As I grew older I understood more and more than having expensive things to show off are not necessary. When I want to buy something that I could live without but really want, I search for coupons, since I don’t have the money to be throwing it away. Also, everyone loves getting things cheaper than what they cost, including me. My decisions however, are not hinged by the possessions of a coupon, coupons mostly serve to motivate me to buy a certain luxury.  Coupons exist to make people buy more things, to push them to purchase something they where not really thinking or expecting to buy, and it works perfectly. When I see coupons and see how much I can safe, I feel encouraged to buy it and before I know it I’m buying it. Coupons are hooks, a necessary evil, and a purchasing influence I love.

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