For as long as I can remember, my mom has always told me to handle money responsibly. When she goes grocery shopping, she rarely purchases an item without first having a coupon for said item. In my eyes, she is a very responsible shopper. She has also encouraged me to use coupons when shopping for things that I may want. On most occasions, I take her advice. When I take her advice about using coupons, it usually comes with great benefits when it comes to getting things that I want. When I can get something that I want at a reasonable price, it helps out a lot.

Coupons have a rather large effect on my purchasing decisions. With coupons, you get “more bang for your buck”. For example, when I shop for groceries, I often look for my favorite snack foods. If I happen to have a coupon that reads, “Buy One Get One Free” in the case of my favorite food, I generally tend to pick up that item. This is a very smart purchasing decision, because I get two of my favorite snack items for the price of one. If the grocery store has a non-brand named version of my favorite snack, and I have a coupon for that non-brand named snack, I will gladly choose that item over the name brand item. In some cases, the non-brand named item tastes better. In some cases, I will definitely choose quantity over quality.

I really enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes. When going to the mall, coupons help me a lot when I see something that I want. I usually receive monthly coupons in the mail for my favorite stores in the mall. I love going shopping with coupons, because I am able to buy what I want at a lower price than what it would originally have been. If I am unable to buy what I truly want at the given time, I choose to shop at a different store. I usually find a similar item at a much cheaper price. The cheaper item has the same quality as the item that costs a lot of money. This keeps my mother happy also, because she gets to save money. Saving money helps out a lot in the long-run.

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When shopping for school supplies, coupons help out tremendously. By using coupons on school supplies, you could save money for more important things that you might need. When you’re a college kid, you are learning how to take care of yourself. When you get sick or hurt, you will need medicines and band aids. With the money you saved on school supplies, you can buy those medical supplies. Tending to your ailments will be much easier.

In the world of a college kid, coupons are considered “man’s best friend”. College kids are on a tight budget, and therefore, have very little money. Coupons can do a lot of good in the hands of a college kid. When I and my friends are in the mood for a midnight snack, we often use coupons to buy food from a local fast food restaurant. Those coupons help us save money that could be used in the future. We also divide our coupons among each of us, which insures that we all get something to eat. In a way, this division of coupons shows that we genuinely care about each other. It shows true friendship.

In conclusion, coupons are one of the best inventions to ever grace my presence. Coupons help out a lot in many different purchasing situations. My mother is adamant about the use of coupons. She never neglects an opportunity to take advantage of a coupon. She has taught both me and my brother the importance of the use of coupons. I plan to also teach my future children this lesson. Coupons have many great qualities, but ultimately, they save people money. Who couldn’t use some extra money these days?