We see these extremists on television these days who spend half of their day organizing and planning out coupons and trying to get the best deal possible. This may be for any product or food item that they might not even necessarily need. They begin to compile a great amount of coupons offline, in sales papers from grocery stores, as well as in the mail. They get a great bargain from doing this, and try to extend their ideas of couponing to others.

When I am asked if coupons affect my own personal shopping experience or influence what I buy, I have to answer very truthfully. This may in fact be somewhat different than the next person who begins to answer this question, but I will try to think of how I actually use them in real life.

My answer would have to be that it very well depends on what the coupon is for and when I receive it. If I am looking for a specific item that may be a little out of my price range, I might not get it unless I find a coupon to make it more affordable for me. As for ones I get along with my receipts when I check out at Target or other stores, a lot of the time it is for items I don’t really need so I might just give them to my parents or someone else. However, if it is for a different brand than I am used to getting, I might consider getting that brand instead the next time I buy it. And this is simply for the fact that I have a coupon for it. I think many people these days, especially ones who have money, do not look so much into couponing anymore. Some people may not even realize they can save so much money just by searching for coupons online. Others do not really want to be bothered with all of that and just go and buy what they need. I am sometimes like those people, but again, it all depends on what the coupon is for.

I think a lot of times when I or anyone else gets a coupon and we begin to look at what it is for and where it is for, we might visit that place since we do have a coupon. For example, I know if I see a coupon for pizza or ice cream in the mail, just looking at the food I am thinking, “well hey, I have a coupon, I should go get some.” I think I do that the most with the big envelope everyone recieves in the mail with tons of coupons and discuonts inside it to various places for services, items, or food. Those are usually things that are more common for people to buy than let’s say coupons for a certain kind of frozen dinner we get at checkout. Couponing and discounts is all about competing with other companys and brands of a similar item.
In the busy world we now live in, I think paper coupons get overlooked. The main coupons I look for are online, for a specific item or restaurant. But depite the discount, I can too be overlooking of it and just buy things on a whim whenever I see it. I think it’s all about marketing and advertising. For grocery stores, when they hand out the weekly paper, I know that sometimes I will look over it and buy things I don’t necessarily need because there are coupons for it.

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Moral of the story is, couponing can be very helpful for me or anyone else but they do not affect my decision on buying things as much as others. I am an impulsive shopper, so when I see something I want or need, I buy it. I take little time to reflect on what coupons I received or what coupons I can get before coming back to the store to purchase that item. Although, if I see coupons at the right time, meaning when I do actually need an item they are displaying, I might use that coupon to purchase a new item, or a same item of a different brand.