Coupons influence if I will or will not purchase an item! As a college student I’ve learned that literally every penny counts and if something isn’t on sale or some form of deal attached it’s not worth buying. I am not too proud to search the clearance rack for a steal or look in the paper for a couple coupons. The average American spends $151-$180 on food and up to 3.8% of their income on clothing. Which I think can be decreased with some coupons and thrifty shopping.

Growing up in a low-income household my parents could only afford the bare necessities. I always had the basics not anything to crazy, fancy, or to fashion forward. I am grateful for this because they made me realize what is truly needed and how society can blur those lines a bit.  As I grew older I enjoyed fashion but realized that looking great sometimes came at a price. This is when my aunt introduced me to the wonderful world of coupons! You can look fashion forward on a budget.

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