I am a huge coupon-er and from experience using coupons influences my decisions in items that I purchase. I believe it is also a great marketing tool for companies. The reason I use coupons is the benefit of saving money. When using coupons I don’t have any brand loyalty so coupons influence what I buy, where I buy, and how much I buy. If a product is on sale and I have a coupon I will purchase the item the coupon corresponds with. Coupons also cause me to shop at different stores where I can get the better deal with my coupons. Example: If Kroger’s has a product that isn’t on sale and walmart does and I have a corresponding coupon I will drop Kroger’s and shop at Walmart to create the best savings.  Coupons also influence how much of a product I will by. Some coupons require you to buy a certain number of products to gain the savings. It is never my intention to go in a store and buy three bottles of laundry soap but if my coupons requires it I will. Coupons help the consumer visualize a product, take cents off, and try new products.

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When looking through the coupons offered in the paper and online it exposes people to products that they may not know exist or refreshed memories of products that were once used. The added benefit of a coupon is the advertisement piece for the consumer and marketers. Consumers are reminded of products with the added bonus of taking money off the product. Also through coupons consumers are able to see new products that are hitting the market that they have not committed to yet. With coupons consumers may feel a little more comfortable trying a new product while it is discounted. Taking Cents off a product really provides savings that you may not have without coupons. Using coupons can help the consumer save for other items that coupons may not be available.    The big appeal of being able to save money on products that are used everyday influences purchasing.

I believe coupons influence purchasing habits.