I’m frugal. I’m stingy. I’m a freeloader. Maybe all of these reasons contribute to why coupons are my major decision makers to purchasing items.

Coupons determine my dinner for the night. In other words, coupons determine what I am going to purchase for the day. Depending on which fruit or vegetable is inexpensive, I purchase that particular item to cook my meal and pack my lunch for the next day.

It also determines the makeup I would apply on my face for that month and which shampoo I would use for the following year. Coupons provide free products or free samples to try. I can try these new products and invest in them in the future.

Coupons determine what gifts my friends will receive on their birthday and what kind of snacks I will bring to their birthday gatherings. The list simply continues.

Due to the current devastating economy crisis and increasing prices of university tuition, I decided not to buy unnecessary items unless there are coupons to decrease the overall cost. The costs of items are rising significantly as time passes, so coupons that help deduct my total budget influence my purchasing decision.

The first reason is because I need to learn how to budget myself by shopping smart, which means buying more for less money. Using coupons for purchases make me feel smarter than most of the other shoppers who purchase with the regular price. As a desperate and cheap college student, I must spend my money wisely in order to survive in the real world. In other words, coupons have a major influence rate for poor college students like me. Every penny and every coupon makes a difference in my financial situation. After investing and utilizing coupons for my shopping trips, I realized coupons are the same as money.

Before I go shopping, I tend to go on krazycouponlady.com to see what I can add on my shopping list. Krazy Coupon Lady is a famous blog website that taught me to shop smarter and better by using printable, Sunday newspaper, or in-storeadvertisement coupons. The website has also taught me to look out for clearances and how the store label their clearances. For example, there are clearances after every major holiday like Christmas and there are also additional coupons for those particular items.

I would rather wait for an available coupon before purchasing an item especially if I do not need it immediately. For example, I might want a bag of chips but without a coupon, I would not purchase it because first, it is fattening and second, I don’t need it. However, if there were a coupon, I would purchase it and shout hello to YOLO (“You Only Live Once”) life. If I still consider it fattening, then I would wait for a potluck or a college party to utilize those chips. Considering the atmosphere of a college campus, there exists many opportunities to bring chips and junk food to events.

These coupons are considered money savings so why not take advantage of them? Coupons are similar to extra change in your pocket. Most of them are not worth more than two dollars but it can contribute to fifty dollars of my shopping expenses.

Last of all, coupons keep my lifestyle organized because of the necessity to keep track of expiration dates of the coupons. I would have to arrange what coupons are most popular and keep them in a secure area. This method ensures that I keep every coupon organized in a specific area and utilize it when needed or when a store has a special clearance. Likewise, it also keeps track of my daily college lifestyle. I ensure I finish my homework daily and do not overspend my monthly budget on useless activities such as clubbing or smoking when other items are deemed for important.

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