Coupons are highly motivating for consumers to visit a store or purchase an item. They are available for all shoppers to take advantage of yet still not everybody makes use of them. Personally, I find coupons to be a motivating factor for purchases of all kinds-both basic and novel. I am influenced to use coupons when I know I would normally purchase an item, when I want to try a product, and because it is rewarding come checkout time. There are some barriers to couponing and some people choose not to use coupons. I use coupons because I find them easily available and rewarding.

There are many household items I need on a regular basis. From toilet paper to dish soap and laundry detergent, when I browse coupons I am looking for the coupons that can save me money on items I will surely be buying. The brands of coupons available tend to be consistent and that is another reason which I frequently use coupons. Other times, I use coupons to purchase new items or items I would like to try. I like couponing enough that I will hold some purchases off until I have a coupon. Now regardless of if the coupon is for a familiar or new item, it is in my favor to use the coupon and save money on my purchase.

Coupons are readily available in newspapers, store advertisements or on websites such as As well, nowadays coupons can be sent as a text message or email to be shown in store or printed. I find the digital and subscription coupons to offer greater discounts. This is perhaps a benefit to being an insider of a company’s network. Digital coupons are valuable but I find a tangible satisfaction in handing over printed coupons. Another benefit of coupons is the fact that because most coupons are directly from a manufacturer or a company. This means a coupon is either good for redeeming in a majority of stores or with the enticing company.

While coupons are without a doubt easy to use and rewarding, there are some barriers or challenges with coupons. First, a majority of coupons have a start and an expiration date. This can be bothersome because it gives a specific time period which may or not be convenient. Another issue is coupons are not without restrictions. In fact, coupons have certain specifications. The details on the coupon must match the purchase- down to brand, size, quantity or minimum purchase amount. Plus, most coupons will not allow double couponing with a single coupon or use of a coupon which is photocopied. Understandably, these coupon restrictions are in place so there is not misuse of couponing. After all, it is a matter of money at stake.

I am proudly thrifty and enjoy using coupons on a regular basis. However, there are some individuals who have yet to use coupons. I can only guess why these individuals are not taking advantage of coupons, but I would imagine the first reason being unaware of coupons and their discounts. Some people simply are not seeing where these coupons are available and they are not looking for coupons. As well, some people may think of the savings as minimal and not worth the time to obtain. But I can assure that fifty cents here, a dollar there, or 25% off add up quickly and make couponing a worthy endeavor. Perhaps too the individuals who do not use coupons may find the barriers to couponing-such as expiration dates and restrictions- too much of a hassle. While these individuals are not couponing, that only means they are missing out on instant savings and great deals.

Coupons are available to all consumers in many formats-newspapers or store advertisements, websites, text messages and emails. They allow instant discounts in many stores on a variety of items. They are admittedly valuable but not without some draws-those being expiration dates and strict restrictions. I am influenced to use coupons because I find them easy to use and more importantly, because they save me money.

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