I would have to say that personally, coupons do influence my way of
spending my money. I think that every family should take some time to look at all the coupons in the paper and the ones that they receive elsewhere and pick out the ones that they want to use. Sometimes, people can get coupons for very strange things, but if you could save money on it, why not try it at least once? Whatever it is could turn out to be really delicious and your family could start to love it. I also think that coupons are a great way to get food for cheaper. There a lot of people in this world who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to buy the things that they want at the grocery store. I think that that is very sad. I think that if they bought a paper, went through the paper, and picked out the coupons that they could potentially use, that this could save people a lot of extra money. The point of saving that extra money is so that people in need or who are less fortunate could use that money for something else. They could use it for that extra treat at the store, to take care of their kids, or anything else that is essential or wanted in ones life that someone doesn’t typically have the money for in the first place. I also think that coupons do influence my
purchases in the amounts of quantity I buy things in. Usually, I’d only by one of something. However, if I can buy two of something (knowing that it will last the amount of time I need it to) and I know I can save $1.00, I think that it’s totally worth it. This way, you are saving money and you will not have to buy this product next time you go to the grocery store, and you’re saving money. That’s what makes the most sense to me. Besides the point that I think couponing is awesome because you can potentially save a lot of money, I think the idea of it is fun as well. It’s like a game. I go the the grocery store with a list and all of my coupons and I write it down. I write down the normal/sale price, and if I have a coupon for this item. At the end, when I’m at the checkout, I watch and see how much the total is without coupons, and I also see what the total is with coupons. Sometimes, it can be very interesting. Also, keep in mind, that it is very entertaining. I am still young, so I do not do extreme couponing, but I am very excited for the future for when I can participate in this “game”. I can’t wait until I can write it down, and predict what my total for the bill be with and without. It is always so shocking to see the difference.

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In conclusion, I think that coupons do influence my shopping habits very heavily. The main reason is because it saves me money. The second reason is that I will eat it eventually. Finally, the last reason that I think couponing will really influence my shopping habits because it is fun. The anticipation of not knowing how much you are going to spend or how much you are going to save is awesome. There’s no better feeling than getting exactly what you want WHILE you saved the money that you had.

I would recommend that everybody try coupons. And I mean everybody and anybody. They are a great way to save some money. I know that sometimes it is hard to keep track of them, not lose them, and of course get the right thing on it. I understand that sometimes people make mistakes and don’t read closely enough. but coupons are free money! How could anybody pass these up? I recommend that everybody gets out there, uses coupons, and sees what an impact it can make in your life!