In short, yes, coupons DO influence my purchasing decisions; if they are available, and they save me a decent amount of money, then I will definitely use them. However, one of the biggest problems with coupons is availability. Often times, I spend more effort and time trying to find them, and since the old adage “time is money” is something I believe, I feel like I am wasting my time for pennies (in the case of groceries, anyways). Because of this, coupons are a bit of a toss up.

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Paramount to this, though, is the prospect of saving money (for the wealthier people among us who might read this, that means something akin to having enough patience to wait for something you want and not wanting to part with the meager amount of money you might have worked so hard for). In summation, I say that if coupons are available, then of course I will use them, because I want to save money to have more purchasing power.