I feel that coupon newspapers are very exciting because I am able to see what deals fast food, grocery stores, as well, as department stores have to offer. The coupon ads that I receive in newspapers peek my interest but do not motivate me to want to buy from which ever stores are of my interest, which are offering the products that I do not want. However, I am not one to search for coupons, in order to get a discount. Coupon searching can be stressful. Searching for ads and looking for products does not motivate me. In fact, I look for the most possible and easiest way to purchase the foods that I like. If the foods that I like are not already on sale, most likely I would never know because I rarely ever notice or search for coupons.

I go grocery shopping once a week, so my favorite foods would be purchased, regardless if I was aware of coupons or not. Coupons only excite me, because I know that I can get a discount on my favorite food items. Coupons do not make me want to purchase things that I had no intention on purchasing to begin with. If coupon searching was made to be easier and the items that a person frequently purchases was recorded in a database, it would be stress free and quite fun to find deals for my favorite food items. However, that is not the case. Coupons have never influenced me to purchase outside of my realms. Just today, I saw coupons for a fast food restaurant that I frequent. I was not motivated to purchase anything, because I no longer eat out like I use to.  I do not like coupons to have a sort of psychological control over me. If I plan on purchasing items and I accidentally stumble across coupons for those items, then so be it. As a single person, I cannot imagine keeping a look out for coupons for my favorite food items, nor keeping track of them. When I get married and have a family, this behavior might be more ideal. Coupon searching is not very common amongst, younger and single people, but it is something that is most likely sought out by an older more family oriented generation. I believe that apps and online sites have not made coupon searching easier. It still seems like a stressful task. It would be nice if one can plug in their favorite items onto a database and pull those coupons up, based off of that.

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I can agree that coupons are intriguing. They elicit a reaction but it does not motivate me to want to search for savings. I am a bit lazy in that sense. I need grocery savings to come easy to me. I usually find discounts on merchandise, while grocery shopping, but rarely beforehand. If there was an app that made coupon finding easier, based off of a person’s interest, I would be more motivated.

I think coupon saving is a great invention. I appreciate it, but it is something that is more up the speed for families and older people, in my opinion. People who are young and on the go, don’t have much time to look for coupons, let alone college students, who are too busy to even eat. Coupons are very interesting but not up my speed. I would rather take my chances and pay more. I have tried to coupon save in the past and I either lost the coupons or I spilled liquids on them accidentally. It’s hard keeping up with coupons and they are a bit messy. For that reason, I would rather pay more, if the process will be much easier. To reiterate the question being asked.  No, I cannot stress enough  that coupon saving is not something of interest to me.