I do not come from a rich family. My mother has not worked in about twelve years, regarded my dad works almost every night or day and I do not have a job because I am focusing on school until I get a hang on the new environment. There are five of us living in this house along with five dogs so money is a little tight. So yes, I would say depending on the coupons we have, that determines what we buy. We are not extreme couponists, though my dad has tried on many occassions to get a hang of it but we just do not have the time for it. We do however look for deals in the mail and compare them to others. There are three reasons why we
started to use coupons; the house, family and school.

Everyone has bills to pay, whether it is a car payment, utilities, cellphone or a house payment. There has been several times my house has almost gone under foreclosure but because of the additional savings we make from couponing we were able to just make the payment. At first we would use one or two but then my dad started watching that extreme couponing show on TLC and he discovered there were ways we could save a lot more. He will specifically order coupons online and then call up to the store and ask them to save how many ever items he needs. At first I thought it was a waste, I mean who needs that much ranch? But in the end I
realized he saved more money for the budget and that I really like ranch.

Along with the bills, the family needs groceries and toiletries. You can literally find a coupon for just about anything. There may be a certain food item or a brand of shampoo we do not like, but if it saves us money we will still get it. The price of groceries are constantly rising and one of the cheapest meats apart from bologna(ground beef) has sky rocketed. The use of coupons has given us the opportunity to try new things. Like I had said before, there are coupons for just about anything, including this we have never tried before. It is not cheap feeding five people and five dogs. I know some people would say if we can not afford to feed ourselves then we have no business having any pets, but the access to unlimited coupons has allowed us to be able to afford to feed us all. Dogs are family as well.

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Another reason we use coupons is to try and save money for school. I have two other siblings, all of us trying to get an education, and it does not come cheap. Financial aid can only go so far and there will still be some we will have topay out of pocket. To me, education is important and not up for comprising. There are no coupons for school but if I want to make my own living, I will need to get a career and in order to do that, I need a proper education. Tuition can range from a thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the school. We should have started saving when all three of us were younger, but we did not so we need to save as much as we can now. Coupon does not save every penny needed at once, but in the end it all adds up. People probably stop and wonder how a coupon makes a difference, but unless they have experienced it themselves, they will not understand. Shopping and saving in bulks can save as much as a couple hundred dollars every much and that right there is enough just for school books alone. It does help a lot.

Couponing is essential in many ways. others are better at it and can possibly leave the store with them paying them but we are not all that skilled. We can however save enough to get us by. We have a roof over our head, we have heart and water, clothes on our back, and groceries in our fridge. That is all we need. Coupons have made a difference in our lives and I am sure it has in others too.