Often my family receives coupons in the mail from various places: Victoria Secret, Bath and Body, even grocery stores. Sometimes, depending on what the coupon is, I will take them and put them in my wallet. Couponing is something I want to do in the future with my own family but how they affect me today is very different than how they will probably affect me in the future. I don’t have to provide for my family nor am I living on my own yet so I am not struggling to get deals on groceries but in providing for my own luxury items I do make sure to take advantage of coupons as well as sales in order to make the purchase less painful. I would say having a coupon definitely influences my purchasing but not to any extreme. I make minimum wage at my very part time job while attending school but if I don’t have a coupon or a sale to take advantage of it won’t necessarily prevent me from shopping but it will have a heavy influence on how much I am able to buy.

When I have a coupon it often gives me incentive to shop in order to benefit on the deal when I normally would not go out and frivolously spend, especially if the deal involves getting anything for free. For example, we subscribe to Victoria Secret and there are two coupons that I make sure to grab for myself: the free pair of underwear and the 30% discount off the entire purchase after paying a certain amount of money (there is always a catch). My thought process is that I am already guaranteed a free pair of underwear so might as well go to Victoria Secret. When I get there, then my goal is so spend enough money to qualify for the other discount. I am the most grateful for this coupon because you get more for what you are paying for. I am not unreasonable with my purchases, I won’t gamble with my money in order to strive for a better deal. At Victoria Secret, for example, they had a deal in which a 75 dollar purchase would give you a free tote bag. I am not going to spend money that I shouldn’t to try to obtain something for free that I don’t actually need.

I see the benefit in coupons and I am always grateful to have one handy when applicable.

I think the show Extreme Couponing shed a new light on how far some people will take the art of coupon clipping. There seems to be such a rush in being able to obtain a good deal. Some people would rack up a bill that is over 1000 dollars and then the store ends up owing them money. It can no doubt become a type if gambling addition in this extremity. In some ways I admire how these people found a loop hole in the system but also there are so many people in the world who are in need that I think that it is almost disgustingly excessive to buy things with out a need with the sole purpose of saving money. Some people will buy and hoard these unnecessary items in mass quantity that the particular family has no use for. I saw an episode where a women bought over 20 packages of diapers because she has a coupon that allowed for it when she was not even close to wanting to have a child. If these people were more generous then that is an entirely different story.

This show coming out on the air actually did give me more enthusiasm regarding the art of clipping coupons, but I think that there is a big difference between getting a good deal and being cheap. Being stingy with money when there is no financial worry nor any reason to necessarily save for anything is ridiculous. People should not use coupons as a crutch to buy something that they need when they can actually afford it. Money is a tool and I wish more people looked at it like that instead people tend to lust for it and that is when I think it becomes sad.

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In a lot of ways coupons benefit many people. The cost of living is so expensive especially in major cities. Homelessness is also becoming a much bigger problem then it has been in the past and the fact that couponing does in fact help ease a financial burden I would say that it is doing more good for the world than it is contributing to the greed of humanity.