I do believe that coupons are a great way to save money. I am not an extreme coupon type of person because I find that extremely wasteful. I love to use coupons to save on everyday items that I use or can donate to homeless shelters.

Anytime I can pair a sale with coupons, I will. Coupons are like a form of currency and allow me to save money while still buying brands that I know and trust.

With starting graduate school in January, I will be relying on coupons more and more to save money for my family. From food to hygiene items, if there is a coupon to use, I will use it.

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It feels so great to go to a store and have a shopping cart full of items and walk away with a small bill. It feels great to know I have saved money for my family and have helped ease the burden of grad school on my young family.

So in writing this essay, This will save me from mountains of debt. Paired with using coupons and creative thinking, hopefully I will walk away with a degree and not worry about how much school just cost me.

Thank you for money saving opportunity.