Coupons are used in the everyday daily life of spending and buying products. A coupon is a voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product. Coupons can be used for anything such as electronics, food, games, etc. Pretty much anything that you can buy, a coupon can be used for it. Coupon’s can be found in magazines, newspapers, websites, the weekly grocery store ad, inside of packages and can even be found on a product that you have bought. Coupons are everywhere and are there to help you save money.

Most people don’t realize how much coupons can help you save. After doing some research I have found out that not many people use coupons. Only about 1% of shoppers redeem coupons. In 2011, the average coupon had a face value of $1.54 using Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Four point six billions dollars were redeemed from coupons, which left $465 billion dollars worth of coupons unused. Millionaires use coupons everyday because they look at the bigger picture. It’s not about the money that will be saved during a shopping trip, its about the money that can be saved and invested in over many years or even a lifetime from just using coupons.

I was never a big coupon user when i was a teenager and living with my parents with no job, because my parents pretty much paid for everything I needed. They would always make us kids help cut out coupons and search for coupons in magazines and newspapers. I was always confused thinking that a couple dollars off wont make a difference. Now that i am older and pay for everything myself, coupons have become a big part of my spending. I search for coupons everywhere, especially online. Whenever i need something such as makeup or new clothes for the winter coming up i always look for coupons online for my favorite stores. Whether its a coupons that will only save me a couple dollars or more, it is very much helpful in my daily life of trying to save. I’ve found out on my own that coupons can really help you save by spending and still getting what you want. It’s the best of both worlds. I now understand why my parents were so crazy about coupons.

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People often doubt buying a product they want because the coupon doesn’t seem like it’ll save you much. I’ve learned that its not always about how much you save in a trip at the store, even a dollar off of your whole purchase adds up over time and you end up saving more than you would’ve if you didn’t use that dollar off coupon. It’s very cliche but every dollar, 50 cents, quarter, or even penny counts over time. Without even knowing it, I’m saving more than i would’ve and I’m doing myself a favor over time. It’s not always about the bigger picture at the moment, but about the bigger picture through out time.

Finding coupons for what you want can be frustrating and not so easy to find. A free and easy way is the local grocery store ads. Especially if you don’t have the technology to look up coupons. If you are having trouble finding what you want in those ads you can always find a local library and use the computers there to search for the coupons you want. The easiest way is definitely the internet. is one of my favorite coupon websites. They have great coupons for clothing stores, vacation travel such as hotels, walmart, ulta, you name it. The list goes on. You can always ask your neighbors or friends if they have any coupons for what you’re looking for. There is always something out there to help you, you just have to look hard and search for it. If you have a couple things you’re looking for to purchase and cant find a coupon for one of the products but found coupons for the other products your interested in buying, don’t pass it up. You’re still saving more money on those other products, it shouldn’t stop you from buying that one product. The coupons for the other products have helped you save and invest in the products that you cant find coupons for. Without even realizing, you have saved and invested in something by using coupons for other things. Don’t let a coupon hinge your decision on buying one thing out of many that you cant find a coupon for.

The question is, do coupons influence my purchasing decisions? Yes and no. Yes because it sincerely helps me in the long run to save and invest. No because i don’t let one coupon that i couldn’t find hinge my decision, because i know there are many other things that i can use coupons for and that i have used coupons for that have already helped me save and invest for those things i cant find coupons for. Like i said before, its not about the bigger picture at the moment, but the bigger picture in the long run. Coupons, in my opinion are life savors, because to survive in this world, you need to have money right?